Curious to know about general impressions of Decapre at this point



We’ve all had a decent amount of time with the character at this point, so I’m wondering about your general assessments. Do you feel she’s worth developing into a main? Is she a fun and unique character, but ultimately mediocre? Is she a beast?


As much as I hate to say this, she doesn’t feel entirely complete to me. I think they dialed her back a little too much since her reveal. She’s definitely fun, but I would say she seems mediocre as of now.

I do like some of the safety lp hands gives you, but that’s about it. As the game matures, I am hoping we find some good setups with her, but as of right now, it’s pretty much gimmicks. I try to play more defensive with her, but sometimes I get smothered and overwhelmed by certain characters. I feel like she doesn’t do much anything better than Cammy, and I hate saying that. I actually hope as time goes on that statement becomes more incorrect.

I’m still going to play her as much as I can though. (Well, her and Blanka).


I think she’s defnitely good. I think people are playing her incorrectly, not maximizing, and not doing any labwork.


its an odd thing to do but what I do with decapre to make her safe is space her drills so I can frame trap or keep pressure and use hands with characters that do not have a 3 framed move.


frametrap ex drill is serious especially near the corner.


you know what?

aint even mad about this thread

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I think the problem I have seen is a lot of people are playing her like she is Cammy (Rush down wise), when the reality is she shouldn’t be looked at like that. She isn’t Cammy,


she can rush down fine. she has great normals/pressure and ex spiral is dumb as hell.


I think she’s great. So much room for her to be top tier. Time will tell


she is fun but has her faults, in the end I think she is a solid mid


This thread is redundant, this type of thing is exactly what the general thread is for.


also people don’t give any context to statements. She has faults, well explain them?


he said it tho

she isnt cammy



her antiairs at further ranges are unreliable and her throw range is butt, which hurts her frametrap game. other than that, she’s reeeeeeeeeeeally good. she does however require a ton of work. sooo many different character specifics that change depending on if they are crouching or standing. what other character can dish out 240ish damage starting from two lights without spending meter? her gains from optimization might be the largest out of the whole cast. which is weird as they said she was created as a beginner character. jeeesus, it feels like everything thats fun and good about her is an accident. i love her to death but fuuuck, judging from their prerelease comments, they couldn’t have missed the mark any more than they did… “ultra aggressive mixup character designed for beginners” GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE

good thing too, i don’t think i’d be having as much fun with her if she actually played as advertised


charge characters are not user friendly for the most part, capcom always said that tho but they are pretty stupid about everything so far.


I think Capcom’s logic is that charge inputs are, in theory, easier than motion characters inputs which I can, again in theory, kind of understand. Then they go and add pretzel motion charge moves and that theory goes out the window.


capcom doesnt put thing in perspective. As a charge character sure is easier to do down, up + button than doing srk input but thing is you need to charge as in sitting 55f and then you can be able to execute the special.

things get f*ck´d up when you realize that decapre has specials that needs 45f to charge, is amazing by itself but if you have been playing charge characters with 55f is kinda annoying to adapt to this and i tell you when i get a scramble trying to poke with a is very frustrating and im not a begginer at all as i have been using charge characters since forever (been playing FG for 15+ years lol)

so yeah you need to develop this another skill called charge management to play this kind of characters on top of the all managements you have to do (Time, meter, health, positioning/spacing)

Fun fact is as a charge character you have to learn quite a few things just to be competitive IMO: so called Charge tactics

Charfe buffering
pre charge
charge partition [mostly 3s]
masking charge aka charge gimmicks


I had no idea she required less charging than other characters, that’s good to know. I’ve been playing her for a little bit now on xbox live and from my experience, you really have to adapt to your opponents play in order to maximize her. I usually switch between 3-4 different styles of play during a 3 round match (data collection/tests, aggressive, defensive). I’ll have to read up on the charge tactics you mentioned Mal unless you care to explain it here =D. She’s a good character, just needs a lot more work and concentration than other characters. Advice to new players, stay in training mode till you have at least 2 combos down with her; cr. lp, cr lp, cr mp, xx hp stinger should be your go to in most situations to build meter, damage, and stun. Get that combo down and also get rid of the idea of using scramble all together and you’ll see your victories increase.


st.hp anti air is great, it’s not unreliable


you mean far HP right?

because cl.hp is kinda weak