Curleh Mustache Tournament Series Numero Dos Results

Thnx everyone for coming and watching on the stream!!! i hope ya enjoyed the exhibition matches b4 the tournament And the actual Tournament itself,The next one will be announced in March So be on the look out for that!!!

[LEFT]1. AG|MarlinPie (C. Viper, Dr. Doom, Amaterasu)(THE CHAMP!!!)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2. LB|NYchrisG ( Morrigan, Akuma, Dr. Doom | Others)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3. DRS|MastaCJ (Dormammu, Magneto, Wesker)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]4. UVG|Noel Brown (Wolverine, Frank West, Wesker)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5. FC|Jago (Dante, Trish, Wesker)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5.DMG|OMG itz Andre (Vergil, Magneto, Wesker)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7. RayRay (Ryu,Magneto,Sentinel)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7.AG|Demon Hyo (Magneto, Wolverine, Chun-Li)[/LEFT]
Top 3 Gets free entry(Umvc3 Only) and venue Fee to This years Winterbrawl Courtesy of Big E Gaming


cool stream

That first match with Noel Brown and Andre had me rolling.

Get Chris Matrix a fuckin’ record deal.

Brilliant commentary Spooky,

Tell them pussies that you don’t want to see Wesker on half the teams next event.