Current Best Team?


I’m wondering what people think the best team is nowadays and why. I’d imagine that sentinel would have to be on whichever team is decided because he has great vitality, two good assists, and he’s damn unhittable once he gets unfly (in terms of beam supers, not rushdown).

Team Scrub?
Team Row?
Team Santhrax?
MSS (mag/storm/sent)?
Team Combofiend?
Team Clockw0rk?

My vote goes to Team Santhrax because Storm DHC into Sentinel kills a character (minus sentinel), and sent/capcom fast fly combos hurt like hell. Then again, snap in and kill capcom and it’s a whole new match…


Let’s see… Probably MSP, Scrub, or Santhrax.




i’d say santhrax…


i’d say more or less, who plays them… honestly, cuz zaza’s wolverines have taken sents, cl0ckwork’s team has taken MSP, MSP has taken row and visa versa… but overall, i’d probably at full potential, santhrax owns… or…


w/e…i’ll leave it at santhrax



  1. Storm/Sent/Capcom
  2. Sent/Cable/Capcom
  3. Storm/Sent/Cable


IMO i don’t think storm/sent/cap is as other storm/sent teams.

capcomm getting snapped in is usually a bad thing. given sent’s assist helps tremendensly, without 2 bars capcomm is pretty much screwed.

which is why i think it should either be cable or cyke as the AAA. with cable you have a decent AAA, and AHVB, while with cyke you have a good point and a great assist.

my 2 cents


First of all, I apologize to all storm players because i seriously didn’t see what was great in storm UNTIL today when I had some serious ownage with her vs mainly annoying cables. In other words, I finally grasped how to play storm properly.

With that said I would have to say Storm Sentinel Cyclops is my best team but if it was in terms of universal teams, then Storm Sentinel Cable. I think cable is:lame: that’s why I opt for cyclops because he has a more dependable AAA and he is more combo friendly:o

Nevertheless, Storm Sentinel Cable in my point of view is number one. Team Clockw0rk is a close number two for me because the way Strider Doom can own anyone is just :confused:


Strider/Doom takes way more work than Storm/Sent.


big time. clockw0rk is so good with strider/doom because that’s basically all he’s been playing for the duration of mvc2. so unless you have some serious comp (to play different play styles constantly) or are a diehard fan, it’s tough to win consistently with strider/doom.


Exactly why there aren’t many of those and why they aren’t rated as high because you need to work on them a lot which I am doing now but still gotta love storm sent cyclops =D


storm/sent/cable(anti air)

IMO is the best team, it was very consist results, and cable’s anti air is a good subsitution for capcom of course not as good. I’ve been using this team lately and have been getting great results.


isn’t this santhrax? and dude, with this team, i’d prolly just stick to using sent’s assist, put cable second. only cuz cable don’t take damamge as well as sent, and his assist leaves him more open. it’s also that he’s the comeback king, and i wouldn’t really want to risk him for the amount of useful ness his assist is… for storm, i’d say that sent’s assist is alot better. RUSHDOWN ON YA ASS


what do are your guy’s thought’s on team SCRUB? :slight_smile:


Strider/Doom has to work less to actually start gaining the momentum of the match. Storm you have to land a hit. Strider you can just touch them and you’ve got them trapped. From there, it’s all a matter of how good your execution is. Now if we’re talking about going for the kill once you actually gain that momentum, obviously storm/sent has to do less work.


Thats why people get bored of this game. People dont like to have fun anymore its all “top tier” bullshit. People constantly change teams because its the “best” or “coolest” thing to do. It just saddens me that no one takes the time like clockw0rk to do something. Its always about whats best, not for any other reason.


cept give Props to VDO Cuz hes sick with Rogue and “low tier” chars.


I play to win. Winning is fun. You play for “fun” e.g. losing. Losing is not fun. Someone has said someting like that before but I don’t know who said it. Nor is it an exact quote. I agree with it though.


^ [golf clap]



Lol… get a life bro… Life isnt always about winning… You can still have fun even if you loose… And if anyone cant agree with that one you need to get a reality check.