(Current) Fighting Game Console of Choice?

Xbox vs PS2, which do you prefer?

PS2 has more fighters in total, but Xbox has most of the same games but with Live support. Xbox also gets domestic ports of SNK games that SCEA doesn’t want on the PS2. So which do you think is the better console for fighting games? I only wanted to compare this gen consoles (so no Saturn or Neo-Geo, sorry), Gamecube isn’t even a contender, and I want these 2 consoles to have a chance so I didn’t add DC to the mix :slight_smile:

PS2. I like the controller better.

What does PS2 even have over Xbox except for CvS2 and T5 (which is no longer current anyway)?

edit: Oh, and VF4e, but that’s no longer current either…I guess if you like 3D, PS2 is the way to go, though, even if its SC2 port is the worst of the bunch.

Xbox in America, PS2 in Japan (and if you have a lot of cash to burn, bundles = LOL).

Yeah, most of the best fighting games are in xbox, but with Live support. Only thing it’s missing is T5, VF4evo, and soon SC3. But like someone said, T5 and VF4evo are actually outdated versions of both titles, so yeah…As a side note, I used to like the PS2 controller more, until I used it again to play T5. That’s when I noticed how much more I like the Type S.

EDIT: And don’t forget the fact that KOF2002/2003, KOFNeoWave, KOF94RB, and SamShoV are going to be on the Xbox, and Live enabled.

I find that PS2 2D games are more arcade accurate than their Xbox counterparts. Although, Xbox has Live support, but XBLive for fighting games isn’t as cool as it sounds… Trust me.

My fighting game console of choice is the GameCube! :encore:

Hey, what I can do? I use the PS2 for RPGs and I’m way too busy playing DOAX and Tony Hawk to play anything else on Xbox right now. :lol:

Peeps keep saying LiveLiveLive, but for some reason, most of the same people say that online matches aren’t a measure of skill, so you’re paying HOW MUCH, just to get 50% of the time shitty matches? Where sometimes you play worse when you’re done?

List every fighter on both consoles then give examples proving your point.

Youre rather play against the computer when you have noone at home with you and no arcade close by? Be serious. Live is a god-send.

I’d have to say Slimline PS2 + Magic Swap, simply because I love being able to fit my stick, my PS2, power brick, A/V cables and a few games in my small messenger bag and take it to a friend’s house. Plus I don’t have to use a converter. It’s the most convenient console for me and has what I need.

ps2 > xbox

you got a shitty mvc2, cvs2, ggxx (and #reload), and AE. that’s all you need.
for xbox, you got a shitty mvc2, cvs2 that isn’t even cvs2, #reload (which i heard isn’t even arcade perfect), a shity version of shitty chaos, and AE. with laggy online play.

i’ll take the ps2. plus ps2 has better games anyways.

I’ll take the xbox because with it’s standard hd i can fit in:

mvc2/cvs2eo/sfac/ggxx#r and gta san andreas :>

If you could care less about lag fighter, PS2 owns the XBox in so many ways. If you live in Japan, it’s not even a contest.

Xbox easy. Not only does it have live, and almost all the fighters that PS2 does, but it also has the ability to emulate if you are so inclined, and get tens if not hundreds of arcade perfect fighting games.

Why do people consider live a downside to a fighting game. If you don’t like Live, but the rest of the game is identical between the two versions (like with AE), that makes them at least EQUAL. I don’t see how that makes PS2 better. And with all of the GOOD SNK fighters coming down the road on XBL, that pretty much gives Xbox the upperhand. PS2 = No Samsho = ;_;

computer is the #1… has so many fighters… including all of the DC games.

PS2 all the fucking way.

I had Live before, fucking sucks IMO. PS2 has so much better games, you don’t need a converter for your stick, and way shorter load times. PS2 has Garou, RF, VF and Tekken.

I fucking love my import PS2. <333.

Xbox is the only console that has perfect ports of SSF2T, SFA2, SFA3, XSF, Marvel Vs. Capcom, and every other CPS2 game. I’m talkin about Emulation of course, but shit I can take my Xbox anywhere and have a huge library of fighters ready to go. You can’t say that about any other console.

Plus it has all the 2d fighters PS2 has except most have online play. It’s no substitute for arcade play, but it’s a huge plus regardless.

But I guess if you are into Tekken and VF the PS2 is the only way to go.


PS2 if you play with other people. The xbox has crap controllers and the startup is slow. It takes me 20 tries to get SF to work on my xbox. XBL is fun though.