Current Most Balanced Fighting Game


What do you guys think the most balanced fighting game is right now? I’m looking to play a new fighter and it ain’t Marvel. If you think it’s AE, recommend me a runner up.

Many people want Next patch make game more balance. what is balance in your understand?

Probably VF5. Persona 4 would be up there if it wasn’t for the top 2 or 3 characters. Skullgirls is pretty undiscovered enough and only has 8 characters so that’s up there too.

AE is alright with balance but it’s more like half the cast is ok and the other other half is just mediocre. It’s not really balance in the sense that everybody is strong so even if the lower cast isn’t bad they’re not really that good either and have to land a lot of hits to win a match.

Just play what you find fun. You have to deal with the tiers regardless of what game you play. If you’re trying to find a game where you can avoid tiers you’re not going to find it.


Persona is pretty balanced (from what we know so far). Most of the matchups are 5:5 to 6:4. The difference is simply that the top tiers have more favorable matchups (5.5:4:5, 6:4 and in Mitsuru’s case, a couple of 7:3s) than the rest.


Yeah that’s pretty much the way Guilty Gear was any way.


Makes sense considering that the game is pretty much a more accessible Guilty Gear (more than BB can ever hope to be).


P4a is pretty balanced, people bitch about Mitsuru and Aigis but they aren’t as bad as top tiers in a typical unbalanced game and the lower tiers still got the tools to beat them. Don’t let the scrubs discourage you, play a character that you enjoy most and you’ll have a better time progressing.

AE is also pretty balanced.



P4A is pretty balanced where none of the top tiers are super dominant, its just the bottom characters are ass… everyone is still viable though.

T6 is balanced (eventhough its dead), AE and VF5 are also balanced (more or less).


I head that KOFXIII was really balanced but I was a little skeptical approaching a 3v3 fighter like that. I did watch EVO grand finals and it didn’t look like any character was really dominant in Top 8. Maybe I’ll give it a try.


Also, there’s a 1vs1 mode in this game, but it seems people doesn’t bother much on it.

Like if the tournaments and online play prefer you to use 3 characters over a single one or something…


P4A seems pretty balanced despite people’s complaints.

AE 2012 is also very balanced - every time I watch a tourney stream of that game, I have no idea who’s going to win. And recently, I hear that Vega (Claw) is considered top tier in Japan. Dunno how much truth that holds, but it just goes to show how balanced the game (save for maybe like… Hakan or so… and even then, that’s a maybe)

VF5 also seems pretty balanced, but I don’t know too much more than the basics.

ArcSys games iin general tend to be relatively balanced (save for CT… that was… a bit of a mess, balance wise)


CS1 was also pretty bad, almost as bad as CT in terms of balance, I think it has more to do with all the system changes

I don’t think there are any bad characters in P4a, the top tiers are also pretty dominant imo


Final Showdown, easily. VF games in general always seem to balance out really well. Perhaps that’s why the game has never really taken off in the States?

As for AE, sorry but some characters in that feel virtually helpless against others, so no, I think they’ve over-saturated it now, and the overall mechanics are pretty revolting (and slow) anyhow.


Basically why people in the states prefer some fighting games over others are simply because they only want to play the good characters. I may be wrong though but that would explain why there’s more Capcom games in EVO than other ones from other gaming companies.


Well, of course, what is a good character? The incredible Hulk flying around the screen with lasers and meteors exploding everywhere, or a cast of complex, relatively down to earth human beings using a myriad of largely realistic martial arts based moves? A lot of the active VF players today are older for a reason, even though VF1 hit in '93, two years after SF2 in '91. You get to a certain age and stage in this game, and Ryu covered in flames is just :zzz: but Vanessa in a pair of hot-pants is still very much :love:


Well that is what makes KOFXIII balance, having 3 characters in there. But 1vs1 you can definitely see the match-ups more defined and put the characters in higher or lower tier. But even then, its quite balanced for been a KOF, KOF98UM/2002UM could be considerated balanced also, but not in KOFXIII level.

Anyways, I think KOFXIII and VF5FS are 2 of the most balanced fighters I have played.


not quite sure what you mean by “current” - do you mean the most balanced games of all the games out there currently? Or the most balanced among ones that have a “current” following in tournaments and such? I’d have to pick KOF XIII among the current crop of popular games. I was thinking, HD Remix’s tournament scene has sorta died off with the exception of the Capcom sponsored stuff, but Akuma aside, that game’s very very balanced, although the balance is such that there are a lot of bad matchups and counterpicks involved - but if someone picks a foil to your character you can definitely pick a foil to their foil, etc etc.

Also, I don’t really know much about it beyond the surface level but I’ve heard that Arcana Heart 3 is exceptionally well-balanced.


VF5:FS and KOF XIII easily, because of the core systems and how universal they are. Don’t take that as everyone plays the same, because of universal defensive and offensive options at the basic core, that just means you have to be more creative in creating a path to victory. VF excels in this more since you aren’t limited by meter usage and having more options in general ( especially on defense) with there being at least 2 ways to get out of everything, and at least 2 ways they can still be countered.

That being said, both games still have their bs.

SF games aren’t meant to be balanced since they focus more on the characters being deliberate. Sometimes this works and creates exciting matches (ST) and sometimes not (AE 2012).

EDIT: VF series didn’t become balanced until the VF4 series. The shit in 1, 2, and 3 would make your jaw drop, lol!


Lack of knowledge and arcade presence In the states and Sateun not being popular. People still not knowing the flow of the game (exchanges switch sides every 1-2 hits), when to Use Fuzzy Guard, Crouch Dash Fuzzy Guard, ETE/TEG etc etc. Half baked reviews saying VF is a martial arts simulator while Tekken is a jugglerfest, despite VF having juggles since VF1 and waaaaay more broken at that. Although PKG juggles in VF2 are legit!

Sorry for the off topic rant.


VF5FS, no doubt… and it feels really good to be able to choose your character without worrying to get destroyed by abusable tactics that work against your choice


VF5 Final Showdown

There are a couple of dumb moves and the more complex forms of ARE (failed evade crouch dash fuzzy guard stuff) are fucking stupid, but otherwise the risk/reward is weighted fairly well.