Current State of Mortal Kombat

Nah. Select is pause and Start does what it should i.e random select, fight smoke etc

You never know maybe Mk will get close to the glory that it used to be. Some people may have said armageddon was a let down but I for one foudn the game fun and it can be played on a high level and still remain so. One of the reasons I’m saying this is because Ed boon actually STARTED listening to what some people had to say. To me…that’s a start and provided me with more hope. people asked for some type of wake up game and despite people complaining about it the fact that he listened and actually put it in still remains. I say if we want mortal kombat to return to some sort of greatness then we are going to have to grab Ed Boon by the throat and raise him up off the ground against the wall like a school yard bully. What would you guys like to see fixed/added/done better in the next version since it’s going to be done from the ground up?

Well they actually did that. You can say it by looking at the changes through MK3 to UMK3. Kabal, Sub, Jax, and other toned down stuff just helped to make a better game.

I loved MK2 and UM3 but I agree it went downhill with the 3-D versions. MK just seems like a summer blockbuster movie to me…all flash but no substance, rushed out to make a quick buck.

For MKA I enjoyed the adventure mode thing more than the actual fighting game. I hate that it feels like 2-D with sidestepping as opposed to more fluid 3-D fighters like Tekken and Virtua Fighter.

It’s good to hear Boon is starting to listen to what the fans want, but I still feel he is one of those people that think as long as it sells, who cares.

No sir, I love MK Trilogy to death. I also like its aggressive meter.

That seems to be one of the problems that mortal kombat has. Since it appeals more to the casual crowd than the hardcore and there’s more in the casual pool than the hardcore in terms of $. The dilemma being how do we make this game available to both sides and appease them while still retaining our own sense of style and not become a complete copy cat to a different game. I’m really interested to see what they are gonna do with the Unreal Engine for the next game and exact how far ‘from the ground up’ this game is going to be and if they’re going to just copy a formula that’s already been done like making it more similiar to tekken in terms of moves.

Actually for me MK Deception conquest mode is better than MK:A. I loved going around all the realms doing random missions and finding fighters and fighting them in different places. Mk trilogy is alright. It was my first Mk and I enjoyed it.

MKs is only good if you don’t care about gameplay and just like flashy games with a lot of blood. Also, there’s no such thing as high-level play in MKA.
And all the MK games have those. Even the 2D ones.

wow…lol nice job midway…sigh are you sure that’s a true infinite in terms of Asherah couldn’t use any of her 3 get out of jail free cards she hadn’t used yet? And just because a game has infinites doesn’t mean it can’t be played at a higher level than casual…do I need to name any games? Pretty sure i don’t. If that is a true infinite and she cant get out of that then this should just be one of the things that should be brought to Midway’s attention to make sure that the next game doesn’t have the same problem.

MK has been dead for a decade.

Even the Mortal Kombats that were ‘good’ were pretty awful. The series has always been sort of a joke. If it wasn’t for the gimmicky blood and fatalities we probably never would have even seen a MK2.

…you know, now that I think about it, you’re right.

As long as Ed Boon is in charge and John Tobias is not involved, the series will continue to suck mad balls. MK:DA had potential, but they went the wrong direction. Besides, only a true fucktard would make more than one game with PROJECTILES AND SIDESTEPPING.

Well man, with no offense and respecting your opinion, UMK is a very good and underrated game. Its balanced, have a good cat and variety in the characters, has offensive and defensive options (not much if compared to GG or 3S of course) but particulary, one of the things that UMK have is that 85% of the cast have good chances of winning when playing at high level.

If you havent played, give it a try. Im sure you will like it.

That isn’t as bad as COMBO BREAKERS AND PARRIES.



Here’s some true high-level MK play and ownage!!!


Quite frankly, it ticks me off that people dont give Mortal Kombat 2 credit for being(one of) the first games with air combos…

MK isn’t dead. it’s the people who are controlling the franchise are milking it hard. Armegeddon’s air combo system is just awkward.

we need a proper fighting game. :confused: Hand it over to Bandai please (j/k).

Boon doesn’t know how to make a good fighting game. Virtually all the of the broke FIXING in the early games was curtesy of Tobias. Until Boon steps down as the head, the series will never be good. Watch any of the behind the scenes extras in the new 3D games. Boon just comes up with bad ideas that he implements, and not the other way around. There’s no good ideas comin from Boon that were just excecuted poorly.

David Jaffee lead MK game plzkthx /pipedream.

MK Trilogy for XBL PLEASE