Current Technology That Will Make The Next Console Generation A Must Have

It’s a safe bet the the generation of home video game consoles will come with motion and video devices as standard. But an honest question; What other current technology would make the next Xbox and PlayStation the bee’s knees?

Built-in streaming and recording. Be it YouTube, twitchTV, blipTV or what have you, everone wants to be a producer of content. Add that more gamers find themselfs playing game less and watching games more. It feels like a natural step.

Instead of having “PilgrimPud is playing Super Street Fighter 4 Ranked Match” why not have the option of watching me get my ass kicked and bust my balls via chat and text? GGPO allows it!

Streams would no longer require hundreds or thousands of dollars to create. More players can communicate in different ways. Being in a video chat while my training mode is streamed is a lot easier to show new luchadors the timing of an RSF than typing “ta-taka, ta-taka” on these forums.

Recording matches then uploading those files to a PC for editing would make combo videos a ton more easy to create.

Apps. Simply put Words With Friends on your Xbox.

The ability to make breakfast/lunch/dinner.

A proper application of heat paste so your system doesn’t sound like a vacuum cleaner when running Naughty Dog games.

It play games…fuck all that social networking shit.

also Smell-o-vision!

A game station to play games? My god man! You’ve gone insane! We all know video game consoles are designed to clutter twitter/facebook feeds, upload shitty replays, download trailers and move like a moron in front of the camera.

Hey, you what will make the next generation of consoles a must have?

ACTUAL GOOD GAMES. Without that, I don’t care how advanced the technology is, what you can stream, etc. Apps? Pfft.

SexBOX720. You ARE the controller…Papi! :rofl:


Damn it, I just have to like this comment.
I’m liking the deep Kinect integration the 360 has now, I turn on my 360 and say "X-box, play (insert name of game), and it’s up and running while I’m grabbing my drink and controller. I hope a more refined voice interface is included.

have a built in virtual sex simulator

george foreman grill and a urinal. Seriously, why the fuck am I even forced to ever have to stand up, while gaming.

Ice cream dispenser

obviously the streaming and recording capabilities…but

-screen caps
-custom music (sony)

thats all i can think of

More FMV games. That’s why this gen sucks. Tom Zito is no longer a major player.

madness I know! what the hell was I thinking? guess this is why I was just a mere QA tester as opposed to an executive!

3d everything

for cheap

I’d rather the next gen consoles ran all games at 1080p and 60FPS constant with some proper anti-aliasing, instead of that sub-720p pixelated mess that makes a lot of games look like vomit over any “new” technology.

REAL Backwards Compatibility.

Thanks Sony for making me rebuy my PS1/PS2 games if I want to play them on PS3, or keep my PS2 around, and thanks to Microsoft for making me keep an Xbox1 around to play anything but Halo/Halo2, especially when BC was advertised for BOTH the 360 and the PS3.

Will it be multi-player?

print money

I was thinking earlier that I’d like to see an iTunes equivalent for in-game music. Maybe $.25 a song that you can listen to in games that support the service. I know we have customizable soundtracks already.