Current tier list


Seems like people are playing st more now than its gotten in years and we havnt seen a tier listing for the game in awhile so since alot of people are now picking it up again has the tier changed at all? t haw still says bottom but we all know people are winning alot with him now i see alot more vegas so m guessing claws now top also i wana find the original tier listing for the game back in 1994 just to see where people were ranked back then anyone know of a original old school list for the game?


Gamest 1994 Diagram:

Arcadia 2008 Diagram:

2013 ST Revival Diagrams:


funny 1994 list seems as they just threw random characters in there weird how normal sagat is ranked so high even over bison


There’s a pretty detailed tier list over at under the ‘strategy’ section and ‘matchup chart’ links. It covers a variety of players from Japan, USA, and Europe, so you can get a pretty solid idea of how people think the matchups have changed over the years, including some very interesting and rare opinions from some of the Japanese players.

But generally, people consider Claw to be the best character in the game by far, and then followed up by Sim and Boxer in any order. The top3 have been cemented for some time.

As far as T.Hawk guys, both old and new fall somewhere around the mid tier section, and that’s WITH sako ticks and all that stuff accounted for. Despite his extremely strong comeback potential in certain matchups, his neutral game is still comparatively weak with most of the high-tier cast.


There’s also one at Eventhubs that’s getting better with time.


Seems like Hawks been knocked back down in ranks people were hot on him from 2008-2013 now never see him played I remember James Chen saying during the 25th tourney that the naps believed he was top tier now i guess people figured him out and know how to beat him now


I say from watching vids now and from early 2000s dict use to be a lot higher right outside the top tier now he’s low mid vega sim rog o sagat chun Li dee jay Ryu


Several people still play him. I think the overaction from the American’s side was simply due to the fact that very people actually bothered to learn the Hawk matchup. So basically when you have several old school American ST players, who don’t regularly practice the game, seeing what Hawk can do, it’s easy to assume that it’s a near unstoppable strat. Now that people have gotten a chance to figure out the new matchup, he’s dropped down to mid or low-mid. The Japanese have always pegged him there for awhile.

Pretty much. The problem with Dictator is that he doesn’t really have any matches where he dominates, but pretty much all of his matches are either even with a few bad matches sprinkled in. The current tier list rankings seem pretty accurate as far as the top half goes.


Speaking of Hawks what happened to damdai




I mean he hasn’t put out a video in a year


We had a tournament last week and he played in it. He’s very much around and still playing in tournaments.

As far as the ST Saturdays go, one of the guys moved out to California for work, so that pretty much killed it.


Well, both of them might be in california in the near future so might as well have the show back :slight_smile:


I just WANa see the mike Watson match with damdai


They played during last year’s Evo tournament. X-mania USA Top 8.