Current Tiers

its been a while and im wondering what changes there are in the tiers.

I’d say right now the tiers are like this:

Top Tier:

Second Tier:

Third Tier:

Fourth Tier:

Fifth Tier:

keep in mind since I’m sure there will be disputes that I know characters like Yun, Makoto, and ChunLi can be very good - but Top Tier are the ones that people are using to be good with very little effort. Makoto and Yun are very good but take a lot of practice and ChunLi I just don’t see that much of any more. What are you’re thoughts on this?

tiers are not based on which character takes the least practice they are based on which are the best der der besides why post another fucking tier thread tiers dont affect how you play the game so why argue, i mean, when youre PARRYING OR SHORYUKENING OR THROWING or something you aren’t thinkging “gee i wonder whose character is tiered higher” ARE YOU

you just make yourself look like a moron by trying to “revolutionize” tiering or some stupid shit

As a one-character player, I tend to concern myself with match-ups rather than general rankings. In my mind, it’s not so much “Chun-Li is top-tier” as it is, “Ouch, Chun-Li has a huge advantage over Oro.”

Yun is 3rd tier?

Makoto is 4th tier?


I would like to know how u can place yun so low and then chun so high. correct me if im wrong but doesnt yun have a huge advantage over chun?

Cool I guess Hugo is at such an amazing god-tier level that he doesn’t even have to be mentioned, eh? I’d say you’ve ranked quite a few characters incorrectly there.

C’mon Sleipnir, u know better than that.

does he?

According to your definition of “top tier”, Chunli should be Top. She should be so far ahead of everyone else that you’d think she’s the only character in the game.

Actually Makoto is very easy to use
cuz shes cheap

the hell she aint easy, i know lots of minctricks by playing her EVERYday over and over, i know what i can hit or not, i can do sa2 from karakusa, HP and how to completely stun the bastards…

she needs alot of work if u wanna win with her… whe aint all one trick neat…

now, now guys don’t chew him up so badly, it’s not his fault he doesnt have that much exposure to the game in media and hardcore players around him to play him.

i think that’s the tier ranking in miami florida only and not the rest of the world, so that should make sense:lol:

ryan check out the game newton website, it has alot of top tier matches and it even has a unblockable SA2 using oro on there that sets up 3 nasty unblockables in a row against a hugo.
it also show’s how much of a bitch ibuki can be on there, ibuki eats urien IMO

also check out karathrow, the jap matches r pretty good on there, plus there’s a ryo chin remy vid versus a very good q (TK i think)

after watching the vids u might have a little more knowledge into why these guys r tearing u apart.

Sounds like he’s trying to put together a scrub tier (easiest to do well against other low tier players with)…

in that case, it would go something like:

akuma (hurricane x infinity, air fb for 99 secs)

chun li (fierce, fierce, fierce)
ryu (everyone laugh at the scrub mashing uppercut into shinsho)
ken (low forward-> fireball ->supa!)
alex (half circle power bombs? tight! ex-dash… too good!)
hugo (wiggle that stick)
yang (slash slash slash)
necro (drill and magnetic storm!)
edit: i forgot…
sonic boom traps… cbk rush down… low fierce into flash kick… awesome!

the rest

fine line between scrub yang and good yang! hehe.

CBK follow up is top tier in miami

and LOV traps r good at any level:cool:

hey everdred, what site were you talking about? can you link? thanks.