Currently Visiting Hawaii, Looking For Arcades

I was hoping I could find some arcade locations in Hawaii for SSFIV 2012. I’ve stopped over in Hawaii for a few days from the Philippines, and I’m tired of playing Tekken 6/Tag 2 haha (mainly because I suck at those games and SSF4 doesn’t really have a scene in PI). Not sure if this is the right section, if not sorry! Thanks I’m advance for the help.

You might want to look in the regional matchmaking forum.

You also might want to check out and it may help to try to mention what Island you are on. It looks like Honolulu Oahu might be the best for arcades. I see one on Maui and Big Island.

If you’re on Oahu you can go to any Fun Factory for SF as well as Fun Works in Ala Moana. Theres a facebook group for Hawaii Street Fighter players… You can post there, but expect a lot of trolling.

P.S. None of the arcades are updated to 2012 that I know of.