Curse my big hands

So today I went into London by myself, in search of a lovely arcade.

The first one I came to was Funland, a multi-floor arcade/bowling alley which kicked a lot of ass but didn’t have MvC2…which stunned me. But whatever, I played some 3S and moved on.

I found this little whole in the wall place on Goodge Street or something, and went into their basement. There I did find MvC2…but the stick was so tiny.
How do you guys play with the variation of sticks in this game? I mean, this thing was like those little early 90’s arcade stick. You know, the short ones with the ball on top? Anyway, my hands are WAY too big for something that small and I found it difficult to pull of the moves I would have liked to…

So I’ve got a question. I should hope that in tournaments, they use some sort of specific stick/button layout style. My question is, are there arcades that follow suit or do you guys have to adjust to a new stick every time you play?

Those sticks are the more common ones in japan, and what most people use in their custom sticks because they are in theory better.

In tourny in the us, if it’s a cabinet, it’s probably going to have bat style happ controls, and a straight button layout.

However, it might have a japanese style bat top (sanwa/seimitsu) with the jap style layout. It honestly shouldn’t have made that much of a difference, I own 2 balltops and 1 happ, I learned marvel in the arcade on a happ bat top, and it’s never really messed up my playing at all.

You should be prepared to use jap layout or us layout. If it’s a console tourny, it doesn’t matter, as you will bring your own stick.

I got used to it after a while, but I had to change my stick grip to fit it, and that felt funny.