Cursed wii classic controller

I first noticed something wrong when playing super mario world.

I had to hold the left point of the D-pad down Very hard.

This made moving quickly impossible.

So I took it apart, put it back together.

Now both Left and Down behaved poorly.

Repeat. Down is fixed. Yay! Left is still crap. boo.

When I took the whole thing apart and tested it the board was good in all respects. I did not have to push down hard at all.

Unfortunately, when reassembled the problem came back. As far as I can tell it’s flawed by design - there is a crook in the d-pad where there ought not to be one.

I’m not sure what to do beyond giving up. I bought it at gamestop used, so there is no way nintendo will replace it.

Doesn’t GameStop have a 1 week warranty or some nonsense on used goods? Last time I bought a used PS2 controller, it had a chunk of plastic rattling around inside it and I just took it right back and got a new one. That one had a chunk of plastic, too, but I gave up.

The guarantee is for 30 days, and I’d had the controller for about 32 days before the problem came up.

Google returns that other people have this problem as well, but they aren’t the sort to open theirs up.

My guess is that something in the rubber contact pad is keeping it from making good contact with the PCB.