Cushion fightstick


Hello everyone,
I am very new to stick modding and creating a stick from scratch, so I just kind of went in at the deep end with the help of some mates Inkzoo and gahrling! (legend who also sold me the PS360+)

I wasn’t sure if this had been done before and I wanted to create a fight stick inside a cushion,so went for this moose cushion to make the ‘moosestick’ (I will think of a name later). I also didn’t really know the difference between seimitsu and sanwa so went for seimitsu ls - 40 - 01 and seimitsu screw buttons.

Anyways it’s a bit amateur (It is the first time ever moding in anyway) but I’m really happy for this stick!!! Thanks for all the help everyone.

Pics shown in the links below.


Ha! Very nice! What do you have IN the cushion?


Haha, nicely done Nick! looks amazing :smiley:


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: Can’t wait to take it to mates this weekend for EVO.

its the hori arcade pro ex faceplate attached to a custom box to hold the wires and make sure fluff doesn’t get in to the internals. It’s using seimitsu ls - 40 - 01 and seimitsu screw buttons and one of the hori buttons as I didnt want to change the mount for the joystick and the screw part wouldn’t fit so I used a hori push in for that one. Also used the PS360+ which made everything sooooooo much easier.

Other than that basic wires, soldering, wire harness etc.


I think the humane society might catch up w/ you; clearly a moose was harmed in the making of this stick :slight_smile: