Custom 2 Player Console (XBOX 360)

I’ve done a lot of reading over the last few months, and I have a few questions.

I checked out all of the stickies and faq’s, but I got a lot of dead links.

My plans are to build a 2 player console for Xbox 360. (I’ve included a rough sketch with measurements.)
I will be using 3/4" MDF/Particleboard and will be finishing with either:

  1. 1/16" Black Laminate
  2. 1/4" Plexi/Lexan
    Parts list is as follows:
    Stick - Happ iL 8-Way Eurojoystick
    Pushbuttons - Undecided (Either Happ Competition or Happ Concave)
    (Undecided on Wired vs. Wireless Controller)

My first question is regarding the size of the top panel. What is the average/default size for a dual panel?

Secondly, I see sticks/panels with visible screws in the top panel and those without. How would I mount the stick to have no visible screws? Underneath?

I want my finished product to resemble the following:

Are there any step by step building tutorials to give me some more building ideas?
that should get you started

I finish my 2player stick soon and I used 80x20x10cm (length,width,height) and it seems okay. If you need pictures then tell me and I’ll upload some. Also I’ll update my blog then (Finally:rofl:)

I’d like to see them. If you don’t want to upload/post them, you can email them to me…