Custom 360 stick on old Xbox Games

I’ve been trying to figure this out…

Normally when you wire an Xbox 360 PCB and set it up in a custom stick, you wire the 4 face buttons and then the RB/LB bumpers. I have heard however that if you wire it up like this that the bumpers will in fact not be recognized by original Xbox games played on the 360. To have the stick work completely on old xbox games that you need to instead of the bumpers wire up the triggers with transistors.

2 Questions…

  1. Is this true?

  2. Are there any negatives to using the triggers? Lag? Possible issues with future games, etc etc?


It’s not true. The RB and LB are the White and Black buttons.

Sweet, thanks Ed.

I had heard that they aren’t recognized.

I test my sticks with SFII Anniversary for Xbox on a 360 along with SFII on live arcade :).

Yeah, I figure you klnow what you’re talking about :slight_smile:

If you think about it, it would pretty dumb for MS to change the triggers to Black and White for BC. Racers would kind of suck using the Bumpers :).

I speaking more to the people that said the bumpers don’t work. How would you use the black/white buttons? That’s just silly :slight_smile: