Custom 3D Printed Arcade sticks


Hello guys, in this thread i am gonna document our workflow on how we make our custom 3d printed sticks.I have already finished one and i am in the process of making 2 more for 2 customers, i will start by posting pics of the first finished stick and then i will post updates (almost daily i hope) with the progress on the second one

this is the first one “Caveman Stick” :
In general this stick is kinda like a proof of concept. its not polished design wise also in post-processing i could make it look like a stone even more with the paint and it was a quick print… but it came out good enough for a first try

Stage 1 is the Design
i made the basic shapes and measurements in 3ds studio max and i sculpted it in Zbrush :

Stage 2 is the preparation for the model to be 3d printed but i dont have any photos of that stage on this stick. I will make sure i will post the process for the second one.

Stage 3 is the actual printing, again no photos of that stage for this one :smiley:

Stage 4 is the assembly of the 3d printed parts and the basic paint with the primer :

Stage 5 paint it to look like a stone ( Sorry for the bad quality ) :

Stage 6 finalising the look and adding the arcade parts :

Bonus an HDR Version :smiley:

I learned a lot from this one and its my main stick now.
In the next post i will start documenting the creation of the next stick.


Next one is the Greek Temple Stick

Stage 1 Design

Starting to block out the volumes and measurements (3ds Max):

Making a quick render to visualise what we have in mind (3ds Max):

Sculpting some variations of the columns (Zbrush):

Refining the design (3ds Max):

Another quick render (3ds Max):

Next up is sculpting the details in the rest of the model and doing some test prints on the columns to see if the screw holes are good to go…


Looks really cool, but I think it would look a lot better personally if you found a way to mount the joystick lever differently, seeing those 4 screws on the top panel always kills me inside a little. could give you some ideas.


Yeap in this one all the screws will be hidden


sick! i agree with tensho with the joystick mount. it maybe even countersunk with flat bolts instead of round tops. would you mind sharing what equipment your using? are you doing this at home or having it sourced out?


Finally something I could be doing in 3DS Max that is a bit more practical than just random models for practice… xD


At home i have a BQ prusa i3 and at work 2x BQ witbox , 2x zortrax m200 and 3x BQ Hephestos 2


how about vlx & hss-0130 replicas ??

would love to see custom paint jobs on them


U can do that, but what’s the point if the designs already exist in the market?
U can buy one and repaint it


Update on the design


Where can I get/go for a custom arcade fight stick?


if u want a 3d printed one, i take orders:D


Update on the print:


You should use flat screws so your hand wont rub when playing


You mean something like this

And make sure the screw holes are countersunk so the screw head is flush with the surface.


Yeap that how its gonna be


How big is your 3D printer?


i have several at work
max is 305x305x610mm