Custom actuator 4 JLF - short throw

130x actuators is available

actuator is light and work well
on octagonal throw is similar how on original (without modification) square gate!
efect is similar or better how on LS32
8mm - 6mm original JLF
7mm - 5mm custom
it acts correct also with octagonal
is dedicated for shmups!
I can’t guarantee it will be good for every fighting game and players.
please send me PM you will get my paypal mail
and pass on PM Your ship address (please add country!)

1x actuator 6$
ship 3$ (priority registred, delivery time 10-21deys)

Count me in, if nothing else I wouldn’t mind spending the $3 for early experimentation/ adaption

Nice work Kowal! I’m down for one.

I bet it’d go great with toodle’s GT-C (custom circle gate)

I’ve liked the actuation of Pers JLF Ulltimate mod, but didn’t like the spongy feel from the electrical tape, or heat shrink tube in some cases.

I’m in for one also.

down for one as well.

Im in

I would definitely love to get my hands on one of these. Count me in, kowal!

Im in.

in for one please.

Sign me up

Yo, I want in.

I’ll take 2!

I’ll takes one as well…

I can’t say no. Please put me down for one also. Thanks.

OK I have some problems with ABS/nylon/teflon
element is small, dimensions are critical
is made on CNC lathe and I must use light alloy of aluminium
only aluminium give precise realization (0,05 mm)

I’m interested, I was about to get a Suzo 500 but now I need to try this first, are you already taking payments??

suzo is better for shmups

actuator mod is only for person:

  • who have and like JLF fell
  • who do not like woblle on LS32
  • who have lower arcade case (like new HRAP/TE/mayflash)
  • who can’t install JLW on TE/HRAP
  1. get actuator (maybe in this week)
  2. I will check again
  3. I show
  4. then I accept payments

Thanks for keeping us posted on this kowal. I can’t wait to try this thing out. :tup:

Regarding the aluminum actuator, do you think we’ll have to put a heavier spring in our JLFs to compensate for the extra weight? Myself in particular am kind of worried about this since I plan to install Cherry switches (KWJA0017 to be specific; dunno if it helps) along side of this and I’m worried about the spring being too weak to return it to neutral quickly. What are your thoughts on this, kowal?

aluminium is light
it will be OK

stainless steel is havy, I did not notice anything bad in shmups on steel.
but in fighters better use something lighter
force to engage is the same on steel
but dynamic is different, this causes some reflections on opposite direction if you use fast move

I do not like KWJ on sanwa. Japanese joysticks require hard switch 200g<
Omron is good and JLF have best switch
never change this.

Interesting point. Whenever I’m doing the JLF cherry combo I use a single LS-55 spring, however I’ve always been curious to check out the heavy spring that comes with the FLASH1. I’m hoping since Rollie/Happ will be cranking out some new molds that the spare parts will be sold individually as well.