Custom Arcade Art help


Take a look at this. The top half are supposed to be all heroes and the bottom half are all villains. It’s supposed to be a rival sheet that shows rivals above and below each other. So Baiken is rivaled with I-no, Cap is rivaled with Doom etc.

I’m working on a custom arcade cabinet. And I was thinking of drawing all the character art myself. I wanted it to be sort of like MvC in that it’s an image of worlds collided together. So I was thinking up the idea of heroes joining forces to face off against villains who’ve all joined together. I plan to have the finished image showing all the heroes on the left side of the controls facing towards the villains on the right side, staring back at them. With a big VS in the middle.

Here’s where I’m needing help. I’m not sure of some rivalries. Who would be best for the empty slots? Rivalries can be for characters from different games. Mainly fighting games, though. I only added Etna from Disgaea in because I just really like her and could see her fighting with the heroes.

Basically, help me fill in the empty slots and make any rivalry changes you see fit. But please don’t add NEW rivalries altogether. I have too many and I’m probably gonna’ take some out anyways.

Any help is really appreciated. And I’ll give you a little credit on the cabinet if I use help from you.


3 days and not a single view. Am I in the wrong thread or even the wrong site? I need some help here and I can’t find anyone on any site who’d even bother to look at me, let alone help. -__-’


On the right, normal Ky against Robo Ky? and Alex against Gill?


I knew about Ky and Robo Ky, but I was thinking of giving him a cross game rival. But I don’t know who would work for that. I’d really like to have more cross game rivals than I do, rather than normal rivals. As for Alex, I just never was much of a fan. But it’s looking like he’s the only one I can use for Gill.


Crossgame eh… You know, Strider Hiryu slashes through a bunch of mundane robots that look like RoboKy in his original game. Jin Saotomi also used to fight robots in his (it’s a stretch).

Crossgame Gill could just be another game’s end boss, like Rugal.

Any left over gap could and should be paired up with:


Well, the top row are all heroes and the bottom row are all villains. Assuming I didn’t screw something up. And I have to draw all of them, so dino won’t work out, since I can’t exactly draw creatures very well.