Custom Arcade Artwork Contest For CVS2 Machine ( Prize: dc games or happ parts)

Alright people, i have obtained a CVS2 cabinet and i want custom artwork made for it to make it special. NO CRAP WORK PLEASE, i want it to look ALOT better then the current artwork.
This is going to be the main attraction in my basement.

You must complete ALL of the said artwork. All must be to my specifications listed below.

Side Art… just give me an example and i will give exact dimensions when i know them.

Control panel: 20-24 inches long. 8 inches tall or so

Marquee: 8 inches long, 5 inches tall or so

Required to have the capcom vs snk 2 logo on the marquee.
Required for 2 seprate sidearts… one side for capcom one side for snk.

Contest End
Must be completed by August 5th

Prize Options
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 OFFICIAL U.S. - manual & original case included- dreamcast
Capcom Vs Snk 1 OFFICIAL U.S - manual included NOT original case -dreamcast


2x happ competition stick black
16x happ concave black buttons

Side Notes
Please note that i will have the exact measurements once the machine is in my house. Should be some time next week.

Here is a picture of the cabinet

Thank you for looking, best of luck to you.

prizes are so whack…



games are about 40$ + worth

i can also give diablo II useast ladder items, if they play that.

No shit they are, up the ante foo!

up the ante? to what?

i’m 16 and i spent all my money on the machine, and i have just enough to get the art printed.

I dont exactally have much to give.

I dont know. If it matters that much to you, give other games or some shit.

not feeling the prizes and i have finals soon in my summer classes. i might give it a shot though…not sure yet.

I win there is no contest:nunchuck:
Whack prize but I still wanna work on it talk to me on aim !

get da fuck on aim then rony?

les just close down this thread cause obviously snake is gonna win…fuck :sad:

Uh, lets close it cause only Snake is gonna try.!.gif

lol, asshole <3

Im just being a bitch cause I would kill for a CvS2 cab.

Whatd you pay?



you fucking serious.