Custom Arcade Box Makers


I brought some cheapy arcade stick online, because of the pcb and wiring. I then brought sanwa parts (buttons+joystick), I am now looking for some one from UK that build custom cases with plexi glass. Any one out there just hit me up with your prices :slight_smile:


Have a look there, I sell custom cases

Prices are abit too expensive lol.

You’re going to pay if you want a custom stick my friend…

Was going to recommend Broken English, but if you thought that was expensive…

Trading outlet is over there!

Hmm, I tried broken english but he told me hes busy for a while to build custom boxes. All im looking for is a MDF box cut out and glued with the holes drilled in them. Nothing else, i can do the painting and stick in the buttons and pcb.

There was one guy selling custom boxes, his site was but its down now. He was selling them at good prices, If you guys know him anyone know where I can contact him?

QCFGaming, Voltech.


QCF Gaming.

But are you saying you want a Case made out of acrylic?
Because SRK Member doomy from UK can do.

Acrylic Case from Br0ken_Engli5h is much price.
So I don’t think you want that.

I’ve contacted QCF Gaming, just waiting for him to give me price on shipping to UK.