Custom arcade stick advice for a noob


I am new to arcade sticks, after much consideration I decided to build my own using this simple guide, these are the parts I will use

Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbutton x6
Sanwa OBSF-24 Pushbutton x2
Sanwa JLF-TP-8T Ball Handle Joystick, 4 & 8-Way Adjustable x1
Toodles Cthulhu PC/PS3 Board x1
Solderless Quick Connect, 18-22 AWG Red x999

Is there anything I am missing other than the wires, this is my first time ever making something like this so I have no idea
I can’t find the box that the guide recommended (2 made every month or something) can anyone please tell me where I can find a ready to use box that will fit these
I intend to use this mainly for blazblue, melty blood and tekken. Is this good for those games?
If this works out, will it be “better” than the retail arcade sticks?
all the parts can be found on

thanks in advance

No you’re pretty much good to go aside from some small tools.

There are plenty of cases ready to buy in the trading outlet.

Can you direct me to a good quality maker, I am not sure who are trust worthy and such

Theres a feedback forum I think, which hasn’t been used for a while as its now possible to view peoples feedback on there user page. Just reading through there threads should help establish if there trust worthy.

How does this look

can someone explain what they mean by "If you use snap-in buttons, we’d suggest maybe affixing the plexiglass top to the case by using silicone sealant but this is somewhat of a permanent affixing. You can remove silicone sealant but it does get a little messy, but is doable. "

from what I understand the buttons I chose are snap buttons but I am not sure what this means

It means there are no screws holding the plexi in place. If I were using that box I would probably add screws to hold the plexi down.

There are two different types of push buttons. Theres Snap-ins that click into place using two tabs either side, or screw ins (that are threaded on the outside of the button and a plastic nut screws on holding the button in place).

OBSF’s are Sanwa Snap-ins, whereas OSBN are Sanwa Screw Ins. If your buying a wooden case it is easier to just place screw ins inside of it. Snap ins need extra space for the tabs on them and then these tabs need to actually clip and hold onto something (your talking something with the thickness of a few millimeters). With that case it sounds as if its going to push the tabs in but they arent actually going to hold on to anything as the thickness of the plexi glass and the wood are too big. You should maybe see if its possible to change your order, screw ins mean that no screws are needed to hold the plexi in place.

pretty sure you’re missing the wiring harness unless the TP-8T comes with one. (I can never tell =/)

Also how are you mounting the Cthulhu board? Are you going to mount it right on the control panel, in a controller (i think) box, use spacers to mount it slightly above the control panel.

After that, its just tiny stuff.

Oh yes, I noticed there is no wiring harness and added it to the list.
About the control panel, do you mean the top piece of wood where I will fit the buttons or am I missing something :wonder: