Custom Arcade Stick Question

I want to know what kind of wiring to use because Im gonna build my first custom arcade stick, thanks

What wire is good?

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Make sure to use search features in the future, but dont worry bout it too much this time cuz we can see youre brand new.

Pretty much any copper wire will work, I would suggest 22 - 24 gauge solid core, but again anything will work, its just wire. Just go down to radio shack and take a look and everything you find will work, just make sure its not too big to work with and get easily on your solder points. =)

Just remember, don’t use wire that is too thick. So long as you can solder it easily to the gamepad PCB, you should be right. If you use wire that is too thick it would be a bastard to connect. Like soldering a modchip in, same sort of principles apply.

I generally use something around the 24 gauge mult-core, it’s easier to handle as it’s more flexible. Sometimes using solid core (like 30 guage Kynar) it can easily be snapped off if you move it around near the solder joint too much.

yeah, stranded wire is much more forgiving in that respect.