Custom Arcade Stick Recommendations

Hi everyone. I have been thinking about getting a custom arcade stick built. I mostly play on the Xbox 360, but was wondering if there is any possibility of getting one built that would also work with the PS3, Wii, DC, PS2, and Xbox? I don’t think it will be, but figured I would ask. Also who is a good company to go with for getting a good custom arcade stick made, preferably inexpensive?

You could buy a Multi Console Cthulhu. I think that works with PS3, DC, PS2 and Xbox. Microsoft are a lot stricter about third party peripherals on the 360 and nothing exists in that sense for the console, so you could dual mod the stick with a hacked 360 pad and a MC Cthulhu. This is if i’m recalling the information I read correctly from months ago. Check out Toodles MC Cthulhu thread.

Wii I havent a clue.

Theres plenty of information there if you just search correctly. I dont know of any company’s that build custom sticks. There are a lot of custom builders for hire though on here. They all have there own threads either here or the Trading Outlet.

Do you by any chance have a link to that thread?

My results after 5 seconds of searching (In the FAQ there is a whole section on multi-console.)


Toodles is the man to see if you have any questions about the PCB. However if your not sure what it does or how you would install it I suggest asking him no questions at all and just letting the person that is building your stick deal with it. There is plenty of information in that thread there. Theres also plenty of other threads from people who have built there own customs and have installed these boards.

Bomberman did a great example of putting one in a SE.

Thank you everyone for the help.

No DC for the MC Cthulhu