Custom Arcade Stick Skins

Just browsing, apparently now you can buy skins for your stick or submit your own and have it send to you…interesting.

I wonder how high the quality of these are compared to a Lami-Label print.

Das not very cheap compared to Arts plexi+art. Plus if I read correctly, they only send you a paper-ish print? You’ll still need to buy the plexi if you’re using a TE/SE ( which it kind of looks like that’s what the skins are for ).

It’s a skin, it’s sticky on one side. They make them for cell phones too so it’s definitely not paper.

If they’re anything similar to the quality of “Gela skins” this might be a hell of a deal.

That could be great for SE stick users if they offer them. Even for TE’s. Plexys are about 30 bucks after shipping and art about 17 after shipping. And you still have to take a risk that your stupid sanwa buttons crack your plexy (like mine :frowning: lol) This is definitely a good option for people out there.

It’s not paper by any means. They are a high grade custom cut vinyl hi-res print. The Skin itself is even better then the gelaskins and have that micro bead technology that can apply and smooth out any type of air bubbles. They are really easy to put on and take off and literally I have tried it on 20 different stick applications and performed flawlessly.

Any stick can be done (but of course the more popular sticks they already have pre-existing templates for) however if it’s not a MC, Hori, Mayflash stick then they will need your measurements because I know some people have custom built sticks as well and can be done but they obviously don’t have measurements for those.

I have seen some really great artwork that really needs to get some attention and if you check the link here: Note to all Playas and Playettes. Please Read here first before posting. DasReviews Forum - Official Reviews & News for Video Games, Tech and the Good Stuff!

I set this up so that people can submit their work there if they would like to considered for a featured design.

Oh, I forgot to mention to, if anyone is interested in doing some review work on them and take some photos to post up here I can get them some free ship coupons for the skins for those who are interested. Just PM me.

Once again, that has nothing to do with me. You can post old links, but my communication was very honest. Let me post some positive links:

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I personally have not done anything to anyone and my communication in regards to skins is directly created by me. If anyone has any serious questions about the product please let me know.

got any for the HRAP 2?

Yes, they are made for HRAP 2 as well, they can me made for any stick. I even have one for my Dreamcast stick (Ugly green and white one) from back in the day.

Very interested in getting a couple for my Mad Catz SE joysticks.
PM sent.

Old SKool Tool for sure

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My advice. Buy with Money Order only! :shake: