Custom Art : A website based on Diablo II and now several other Online Games, has a forum for custom art. There are several talented forumers that well create custom art for you in the price of Forum Gold(FG).

FG can be obtained in several ways, most notably from selling in-game items. For instance, if you have a WoW account and have hundreds of gold you can trade it for forum gold which can be used for other games that they have forums for or for Art Requests.

The other option is donating 10$ for 260FG, which you can use to request someone to do custom art for you.

I myself, have used this forums for years now for pretty much every online game I play and I really enjoy this forum.

This thread is for those who want a custom template and have no graphic design skills.

Art Request Forum :
Donation for D2SP Link:
My Personal D2JSP Page:

My Template, which was purchased for 250FG on this site:

*The current artist I’m using is adding something extra to this template and it will be posted upon completion. I added the word ‘Water Mark’ so that no one will be able to imitate my template, as doing so will beat the point of originality.

When requesting any type of art, you should be as specific as possible and include the highest quality images that you would like in your template.


Out of my own ‘FG pocket’ I will provide TWO individuals with free custom templates from the artist that is working on mine.

Req. For Free Custom Template:

  1. Be Patient, people do have lives and to some this is a hobby.
  2. Be Specific as Possible in Your Request. IE. Layout, Font, Font Color, Theme…ETC.
  3. Provide Large Images with the Highest Quality Possible.
  4. The Name You Would Like on Your Template.
  5. Do Not Ask for a Simple Request Please. IE. Can you put my name on this pic and slap it on a template. This is a waste of forum gold and I will not pay for it.
    6. Do Not Request For Mine, But With Your Name On It. No explanation needed.

First two post that follow these Reqs., I will pay for your custom art.

Ha. It’s funny cause he’s a monkey…

pm sent

Not to rain on your parade here sir but the monkey template the artist did probably took less than 10 minutes.

Neat. I just recently got my art tho. I shared it in the image mishmash forum. I don’t mind if others use it, but I can understand not sharing something you paid for.

Monkey != gorilla. :wink:

Yeah, it might of took 10min. but there was a lot of adjustments that I wanted and he fulfilled them to my exact specifications. So for me, it was well worth it.

I’m willing to pay for another request if anybody wants it. First request for it will get it. Just start looking for images in Google and Yahoo, and get a general concept for what you would like on your template.

I know Monkey =/= Guerilla , I was going to use this image instead:

but the monkey just fit the theme for Hitman.

Well I am glad that you think it was well worth it to have that made for money spent. I only say something because there are plenty of people on these forums that will make templates for free. Hell I even had to make a template from scratch(custom stick) before I could even apply artwork. Hey if you can get people to pay for the end result of someone slamming their wiener on the keyboard then more power to you.

Yeah, I know what you’re getting at man. I didn’t spend ‘real money’ on this, so its no biggy.

Just used in-game gold from the games I used to play.