Custom art for the Hori Tekken 6 stick?


Has anyone done custom artwork for one of these? I know how to solder, so I’m doing a complete Seimitsu makeover on my Tekken 6 aracde stick. I’m thinking of doing new art on it, but there is no template like with MadCatz. Should I just go to work in PSP and cut out the holes myself?



You can cut the holes out yourself but if you want for example a character to not be covered by your buttons or stick you can use the ruler in photoshop or gimp to determine where the buttons and stick will be located on your art.


Just use a HRAP3 template since the overall shape is the same. Dont print with holes showing, and just manually cut them yourself using the metal plate from the stick.


Apparently someone did make a template of it:

Still print without button holes, using them only as an estimate while preparing your art like others said however.


Excellent. Thanks for the replies everyone, and the template VietGeek.


Ah sorry, about my advice up top. I thought you were talking about an older hori tekken stick that used the HRAP3 body and similar metal panel.


Just need to clarify, which Hori T6 are you talking about as there are two kinds: the HRAP3/EX based ones, or the (less disireable) wireless one.


He’s US-based so he probably means the wireless T6 stick…

You can only get the HRAP T6 from import shops. Much better stick than the wireless but I’m not a fan of Namco CGI art, myself… Plus, a $50 premium for the license doesn’t sound so good to me when I can make more attractive art on my own for a generic HRAP 3 for much less!

T6 wireless bundles are available all over the place in the US. The bundle was a sales dud just like the T5 bundle was, too…

Once again, Hori overspeculated on the market for this stick. And word-of-mouth on the actual quality of the stick killed the online excitement for it. Not-an-easy-mod and lousy parts killed sales.

I know there were bundles of T5’s available for years after the original release. Many of them sold only after the price was reduced to clearance – $29.99!


GeorgeC is right. The stick I have is the wireless one from the bundle. It’s a freaking crap stick, so thank God I know how to solder and plan to do a total Seimitsu makeover on it.

I tried out the template, so maybe that one will work. If not, I’ll just print out the art and do my own cutting to line it up.


I actually jus finished a mod on one of these making it wired, it wasn’t hard at all, and the art work was a pain in the ass but u can just get it lami labled at kinkos, cutting was a bitch cuz I didn’t have the proper tools but I can post pics if u like, I made it a Lord Raptor from darkstalkers stick :slight_smile:


I was planning on doing a lamilabel and just cutting out everything manually without the template guide. Lord Raptor is the man, so go ahead and post that Kaos.


Sticking in an LS-32 might take some work seeing as a JLF barely fit in the thing (like in most FS cases).


Lamilable looks like cheap air bubble trapping glossy trash and eventually will peel off at the edges. is worth the money for panel art.


I made a template for mine. Here is a DL link for ya if you (or anyone else) still needs it