Custom Art Question(s)


I have my choices narrowed down to:

Brawl Stick: (I understand that if I choose the Brawl Stick it is in my best interest to upgrade the parts to Sanwa.)

Mad Catz Street Fighter X Tekken - Arcade FightStick PRO:

My question(s) are in regards to custom artwork.

1 - of the two models, which one would I have the most success replacing the artwork? Is one easier? Is one more prevalent?
2 - I have ZERO (read: none) adobe photoshop experience nor an ounce of artistic ability. I do however have, what I consider, a really good idea and I want to know where I can find an artist that already knows how to use the templates.
3 - I assume once someone says: “Yes, I’ll do your artwork for you” they simply provide the file (.psd) for a FEE, what is a typical range I should budget?
4 - I have read some people use another website (Art’s) for custom acrylic and artwork and others simply went to Kinko’s with the file. Thoughts? Feedback?


The brawlstick can’t be used with an acrylic cover due to the curvature of the panel. Most people in the US opt for Lamilabel for this stick.

The Pro is a better choice imo, since you can buy a plexi cover from art’s for it.

Acrylic covers offer a smooth playing surface and good protection for the artwork.

In fact, I strongly recommend just getting a pro, or other plexi-compatible stick, and ordering the artwork print from art’s when you buy the plexi.

If you have a friend who can use photoshop, they should be able to work out how to use the templates - it’s not very complicated.