Custom Art Request

I have a stick that I want custom art for. The dimensions are 26 inches across and 20 inches up and down. I’m probably going to go with a semi japanese button layout. Could anyone make me some custon art for it. I just want anything cool looking for a design. The box is black and probably will have white buttons. I was thinking that a color scheme of black and white or anything contrasting will be alright. I don’t really care which characters go on it, just leave it SF and Marvel though. I hope you guys like doing this stuff in your free time for nothing. I just want some phat art. Can anyone help out?

cmon peeps, im not looking for a lot, just something worth printing and adding to my stick.

You should have a template provided so that the stick designer can know exactly where the buttons and stick locations are to better plan and design the art.

it is 20 inches up and down and 26 inches across. it has a parabola shape like this U, so leave characters and stuff out of the bottom corners. easy, i would do it myself, but it would be sorta retarded looking. Im anxious to see what srk’s got. The buttons of course will be in the middle, so leave graphics ut of the center, just do color schemes around it. simple. i think. Dreaded fist, could you do it if you aint too busy? What about you other avatar makers?