Custom art (where to get it printed)

I didn’t see this kind of thread anywhere in the stickied threads but I see this question asked in various ones (specifically the template thread) so I figured if anyone knows how or knows good places to get this done at, we could compile a list here of online or offline places or even directions on how to do this yourself. I personally would like to know since I’m looking into some stuff for my T5’s and my SE stick.

Edit: N/m, the trade/sell section is the last place I thought it would be but alright. Mods if this needs to be closed then go ahead.

There’s a thread in the Trading section about this.


You can put the pic between the acrylic glass and the panel…or go to kinkos and lami label it…Use a sticker paper or something…

Does anyone know if there are any places in Melbourne that do anything like Kinko’s Lamilabel? I know Officeworks, Snap Printing and Kwik Kopy do high quality prints and laminating, but not to sure if they also do adhesives like lamilabel.

speaking of printing, can someone teach me how to export the picture under photoshop so that it retains the picture size when printed?

Sometimes when i test print, the size comes out different.

u need bigger paper and u want the printing size to be the actual template document size (for TE i think its by