Custom Artwork Blanka Arcade Stick



Yeah I have one that I made and am really looking to get a ssfiv te and put new artwork on one of those. If there are any huge blanka fans that like this stick hit me up with offers:D.

has the default stick for the FS3 because my LS-33 was backordered so I just cancelled to complete the mod without it. All seimitsu buttons PS-14-KN 6x clear, 2x clear orange; seimitsu LB-39 bubbletop orange

I’m looking to trade or sell this so that I can get a TE and mod that


I know there has to be somebody out there that loves blanka and wants a beast blanka stick :smiley:


everyone is using a TE. if you want to sell your stick to buy a TE, why would anyone want yours? just sayin…


it would be for a blanka fan that wants a new stick and/or extra one…


I’m good:


hey you copied my style! my old finkle stick!


just curious but how much are you asking for???=D