Custom Artwork HFS3 Question

I browsed through the modding the HFS3 arcade stick thread, but I cannot find out exactly how to change JUST the artwork. I have a template and got it printed as well as lamilabeled. I now just need to cut it out and apply it. I was wondering if somebody could give me a short tutorial as to how I will apply the artwork. Will I need to detach buttons and such via desoldering and everything or can I just fit the artwork over the buttons and press the lamilabel onto the stick. Please either direct me to a POST telling exactly what must be done because I only plan on changing the artwork for now until I decide to actually change out the seimitsu buttons

thanks in advance

Did you search first?

Anyways im guessing that you could put lamilabel over the buttons if you trim the button holes enough that they are just touching the rims of the buttons but that would probably look weird. You gots to desolder.

yeah I figured I had to desolder the buttons and such. I guess I may as well just do that and go ahead and order up my new buttons as well. you think lizardlick would be the best place to get my parts?

Well i haven’t looked, but was doing 1.99 for Buttons so you might want to check them out. Usually fast shipping as well.

Unfortunately, removing the buttons is the only way. And you’re right, as long as you’re doing it, get the buttons in there. I’d suggest picking up son qd’s as well, that way you won’t have to mess with all that the next time you want to change art.

thank you for the input. now will I be just resoldering the new buttons back onto the board or will there with quick disconnects and such involved? I have all the tools necessary, but I am not quite sure what son qds are.

Also wondering if anyone knows how I can get in touch with an SRK admin to get my old account registered back in 02.

kitsunisan meant to type “some QDs” being.
So then “some Quick Disconnects” mean.

PM Mr. Wizard? shrug Only thing I can think of.

after i typed the post and thought about it for a second i figured that it was quick disconnects. thank you a lot in advance. the QDs on FS3 are .110" correct and the buttons are 30mm?

also thanks to cobra; i will attempt contacting him today. after my mod is finished I will definitely post to the HFS3 mod thread

If you are replacing the Buttons with Sanwa or Seimitsu, then Quick Disconnects used would be .110" size.
Stock Hori Buttons have pins, so Quick Disconnect would not fit.

30mm Buttons, yes.

You can modify the Contacts on Sanwa and Seimitsu Button to make fit into PCB.
That is to do if you don’t want to use Quick Disconnects.

Or solder wire to PCB, then wire goes to Button.
Wire to Button by direct solder or Quick Disconnect.

Anything is cool.

Damn, I hate it when I typo. :looney: Thanks for clearing that up.

I’m planning on using QDs to make it easier to change our the artwork again in the future, but I’m not quite sure how the QDs work exactly? do the solder to the PCB and then just plug into the buttons themselves?

Cut about a 1" length of wire, solder one end to the pcb, the other end you crimp the qd to the end of it, then slip it on the button’s connector.

thanks a ton kitsuni. you’ve been a great help. this will be my first mod to an arcade stick. i have the soldering experiencing from modchipping ps1, ps2s and others in the past :smiley:

if anyone has any input as to what buttons I should order exactly I’d greatly appreciate it

Do you not have to widen the holes with a dremel grinder (you will need about 2-3 grinders) to widen the holes from 28mm to 30mm?

No, just need to get rid of the Tabs on the holes.

Are the FS3 holes wider? I know the Sanwas I ordered for my EX2 wouldn’t fit even after I got rid of the tabs, I had to grind at the edge for a few more mm.

Your EX2 did not fit?
Mine did.

could someone direct me to where I should order the quick disconnects and buttons. I found the buttons on lizardlick, but I can’t find the quick disconnect parts that I need.

Lizard Lick also.