Custom artwork prices

For all the members who made their own custom art to use on their sticks, where did you get it printed and how much did it cost?
I’m about to get some custom artwork printed and I’m trying to see who has the best prices/quality.

Got mine printed at a photo place!

Photo prints on 8x12 (200mmx300mm) glossy for AU$3 (US$2.25) each! Tell me a cheaper place and I’ll eat my hat. Any non-photo print place I approached was way more expensive unless I asked for bulk printing.

8x12 is just big enough for the custom sticks I make. I know a lot of folks who make sticks bigger than that however, so they could be out of luck.

I got mine printed at Office Max on thick glossy paper for a little over 2 dollars. 11 x 8.5.

Campus print shop, $1.45 or so.

Kinko’s. 11x17" 10pt glossy ~$3.

That depends if you want a high quality print. I went with this crazy ass $30 print from MAME Marquees all you do is give them a High Res image and they’ll print it on Polycarbinate laminate. It’s really good if you want to go the high-end route.