Custom ball top threaded inserts?


Been talking with my neighbor who is a professional woodworker about making some custom-sized wooden bat tops and ball tops when his business slows down as a “winter project.”

Where would one easily get the 6mm threaded inserts to be used with these so they could fit on a standard sanwa/siemitsu stick?


If I knew, I would be making my own balltops


Something like this?

edit: looking into it, it does look like it’s the exact tool for the job. Make a hole in the bottom of the balltop, hammer or screw this into it, and it has barbs/tangs/whatever that lock it into place.


You just buy the Sanwa Thread Adapter for the LB-30N.


Or use a blowtorch to heat up the insert in spares you have laying around, once hot enough, use a spare shaft to pull it out. :slight_smile:


dont ruin spare balltops! buy the inserts, they’re hella cheap
sell me your spares! haha


I could have sworn there was somewhere in this forum that someone had linked a few places to buy these things in bulk, but for the life of me I can’t find the threads any more :frowning:

If we come up with something decent it may be something we produce quite a lot of. I for one can’t stand those crappy LITTLE bat tops sanwa puts out and would like something more “happ-sized” as well as a few others I know. Hence the reason for the project to begin with :slight_smile:


This is what you’re looking for.


Blowtorch em!


I know about the sanwa adapters… not what I’m talking about. And no I’m not going to torch my good tops for an insert.

Someone in this forum a while ago had a thread on custom balltops and was asking almost the same question I am. Not one but a few people had linked some hardware places that had bulk packaging of threaded inserts and you could order them in a 6mm size. Now I can’t for the life of me find the thread :frowning:

Guess noone remembers it. poop.


jeez you will burn your shed down doing stuff like that use a heat gun instead…we got a pyromaniac here


PM this guy he makes ball tops out of recycled glass or at least he use to


I remember that thread too… I went to the link they posted and if memory serves, it was a place in the UK… So a butane torch and only about heating it 20 seconds i had the elusive part. Not the most economical but i have spare white ones all over the place lol.

And ya, do it outside :slight_smile:


Okay cool so I’m NOT crazy and it was here somewhere, lol.

Thanks I’ll shoot him a msg :slight_smile:


I used to break them out of balltops before I realised they can be bought brand new in various designs very cheaply.

I get all my inserts from this company but seeing as they are UK based I dont think it will be much help. Just use the same terms they use in google and you should be able to find somewhere local.


yup those are the ones I remember posted… b15 posted and I forgot.


TY b15. UK isnt a big issue. I have friends that can always mail em’ to me if I can’t find them in the states, and it will still be cheaper than buying sanwa bat top inserts :slight_smile:


Here you go…


I found some on eBay. They are made to thread in wood with a Allen wrench


McMaster Carr is my go-to site for most things hardware: for example.