Custom Ball Tops?

I have a customer asking for a Custom Ball top for his JLF stick he ordered. He knows he had seen an 8-ball ball top before.

Anyone know where I could find such a thing?


i think it was kaytrim that makes custom ball tops. you can check with him. or was it someone else that makes it. =X.

his thread should be on the trading outlet.

Numbski sells em.


oh yeah. thats right. thanks for correcting.

Kaytrim sells em too, but he does more wood tops. Numbski uses more “Hard” materials. (Acrylic, glass, etc etc)

do these sellers have websites?

Not websites, but they all have accounts on this forum with respective threads, and they each have their own email address/contact info.

I can do it, no problem.

The issue is where I’m going to find a 30mm 8-ball. :slight_smile: If price is no object, I can hunt down an 8-ball gearshift knob and retrofit it. More likely is finding something like an 8-ball keychain.

Either way, shouldn’t be a problem.

Let me know what price you are thinking and I’ll pass it on to the customer. I don’t know if price is an issue for him.

Don’t buy anything until he gives the ok though.


FYI the Sanwa LB-45, has the same exact threads as the standard Honda Shift Knob Threads… So if you want a big red ball for a shifter on your Honda no problem. Or if you want a zillion different shift knobs for your joystick no problem too. lizard lick sells the fitting to go from LB-35 to LB-45…

It’d be easier once I knew where to find the ball. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll look around a bit…

Thanks bud

Try these, might hopefully work for ya.

Any chance those will work?