Custom Balltops

Currently on batch #4 - as of 13th August 2010

Having been unsatisfied with the limited choices of balltop colours available, Br0ken_Engli5h and I have been experimenting with ways of producing a more exciting range. These are a sample of what we have been able to come up with:
Pearlescent and metallic marble

Swirled marble

Completely clear lilac


We are only able to produce these in sizes of either 30 or 38mm, so either the exact size of a small sanwa/seimitsu ball, or slightly larger then a standard ball (3mm larger to be exact). We may be able to offer the completely clear ones in 35mm, but they do weigh about 10 grams more than a standard top.

At the moment we are going to start with this small pictured batch to guage interest. If they prove to be popular then we plan to start taking order requests (colour matching may be a possibility in the future). Price is £9 per top, £2.50 postage to UK, £3.50 overseas.

Please be aware that there is still roughly a week before these are fully complete. We will also be able to produce these in a variety of colours.

If you are interested in a particular one, or you have any questions, please contact either myself or Br0ken_Engli5h.

Edit: Just thought I’d better mention that all future batches will be added to this thread as posts, rather than editing this first post. So if you’ve just come here looking for our latest stock, head over to the later pages.

Thanks for looking!

Do you guys have access to any materials that match either blue or orange ps-14-p’s?

I’m definitely keeping an eye on this thread, these balltops look great! Any other ideas for colours/effects?

now these look awsome. but i personally would not put it on my stick but i think you will get some good revenue from this.

Sweet Balls!!! Br0ken_Engli5h is a cool due I’ve been working with him on some stuff too :wink: hopefully it all works out. Anyway these guys should look pretty sweet. I’m liking those pearl and marble black\white balls. Any chance you guys are taking bulk orders?

Marble effect is stunning.

That is first class mate, will stay tuned to see how this progresses, good work.

Count me in.

I may buy a couple depending on how good they look.

ABsolutely fantastic. Say, would you be willing/ would it be possible in the first place to make something resembling this:

We’re aiming for a Candy theme for our arcade machine (Candy Cab, geddit?:rolleyes: )…

Sorry, but I’m not responsible for this double post. Something seems to be fucked up.

PM sent

Instead of editing your post just delete it.

I’m very interested in a yellow one (like the sanwa color) w. those swirl white effects in the first picture…let me know !

PMed. For a 30mm pearl white and red and blue (leftmost) 38mm.

PM’d!! Hoping you can make custom bat tops as well!! I want a swirled neonish green + purple 38mm ball. As well as maybe that black and purple ball in the first picture, hopefully 38mm in size as well… I want a bigger grip. But I REALLY want to know if you have the ability to create bat tops. Cause I would kill for a custom bat top.

These look so nice! They actually look a lot like bouncy balls. How do they feel? are they smooth plastic like the sanwa/seimitsu balls or rubbery like bouncy balls? Also how’s the weight? does the stick still spring back as it should? I might have to get a few of these!

Do you make bat as well??? Also, what are the colors for the clear balls???

I am so interested. Absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to buy one :slight_smile:

Awesome, I’ll be making an order soon!

I’ve sent a PM for a pearlescent white 38mm.

I definitely want one of these, but $18 is a lot for one balltop… Still, I might buy one.

A marble White / Blue would be amazing after this batch though.