Custom Balltops?

any of you guys know where i can buy some custome balltops or someone selling them in the US i was looking for a servbot one but everythime i see one there already sold so if you guys could hook it up with a link or a person to contact i would much appreciate it.

Far as I know the Servo Bot custom ball top is hand painted of of a kind.

Try the trading post. (read rules about selling on the trading post if you intend to sell).

Have a pic of the balltop?

I love that last pic, it makes the crying Servobot more relevant.

Ha! Thanks. Those are pretty awesome. I was thinking the balltop would be in the shape of Servbot’s head (cylindrical). I have access to injection molding equipment on campus and could make the cylindrical balltop (a cylindricaltop, I guess) easily (with or without his top nub, depending upon what would be more comfortable).

That would be cool!

Classes start on Aug. 29th, and from then on I’ll be on campus daily. I’ll make a thread around that time detailing prices for custom balltops. Don’t expect lizardlick prices, though :wink: Custom shapes require custom molds, which require designing and machining themselves.

So it is safe to expect $20 and up for custom mold ball tops?

$50, I still buy it.
$60 or $70, I still buy it.
I have a lot of rare Arcade Parts.

Ever paid $160 for a Balltop?
I surely have.

But since you are school, I would only pay for cost.
So whatever high cost it is to use at school.

It’s likely. The design is simple, it’s the machining of the mold itself that gets costly: cost of material (likely aluminum, bought out of pocket) and the time spent machining it so that it can be used in the molder. The actuall molding process takes about 30 seconds + cooling (maybe a minute total).

Cost of mats + estimated cost of tool wear (I may have to use my own tooling, but maybe not) + what I think my time is worth. I doubt you’ll see anything as high as $50 :wink:

Cool, great stuff.
Excited to see what you can make.

same here let me know as soon as you start making them