Custom Box Dimensions

hi guys,

i’ve been trying to find any dimensions for an existing hori, qanba or madcatz arcade box. i’ll use it for my first custom stick. unfortunately i wasn’t able to see any sites giving exact dimensions for any arcade box (except the vlx.) please help :frowning:

How about a TE?

This one is free:

But you should sift through this tread in your spare time. It is a sticky thread on the front page of tech talk, (it is the bottom sticky) that has links to the best tech talk threads with commonly answered questions. We used to sticky all those threads, but they became too many, so now we put all that in that sticky.

thank you very much :smiley: will check on this.

i just want to clarify one thing cause i’ll be buying a drill bit later for making the holes.

when i make a hole for the ff should it be:
24mm buttons = 20mm drill bit
33mm buttons = 30mm drill bit

please give some insight

24mm Button is 24mm drill.
30mm Button is 30mm drill.


went to the mall wasn’t successful in finding any 24mm drill bits. already have a 30mm (29 something to be exact) wood saw drill bit.