Custom Built Arcade Machine

Hey guys I’m new to this forum and I’m pretty sure this is the place to put this lol. Anyways here’s my arcade machine me and my buddy built.

Sorry for the crappy pics, my basement is kinda dark and my flash doesn’t do much either. I photoshoped my own marquee and got it printed at a local shop. I think it came out pretty good. I didn’t like the “Animated Violence Mild” sticker on some of the Street Fighter marquees, so i put “Animated Violence Extreme” lol. I decided to leave the bottom half of my tv exposed so I could easily turn on/off and volume control. It doesn’t bother me too much. Its got a drink holder on the side, why we put it there, i have no idea but its handy some times :wonder:. On the bottom of the cabinet theres a handle: We put magnetic hinges on it so it pops off easy. Inside of that is basically empty space, except where I put my PS2. Happ Competition Joysticks, and Happ Competition pushbuttons. We made the body of the cabinet all black, nothing too fancy but looks good. Also theres a little chip in the bottom of the marquee frame, cause we dropped it while constructing it lol. No biggie.

So what do you guys think of it? Questons? Comments?
Also GunCon games are a blast on this as well!

is that an xArcade panel? i hope you swapped out the parts or something.

great build tho. and good choices for games.

this is something that would go in the tech talk section

good work :tup:

thats not an xArcade panel, we built that on our own. Its just wood with black formica over it. I took apart 2 anniversary edition PS2 controllers and wired them using the solder points. It was easy with those types of controllers. Heres a pic of the wiring. I KNOW the wiring is very messy but this was our first real project with electronics. Eh it works fine.

oh whoops :xeye: if your a mod could you move it please?

sweet setup,

get some barstools, do something less visual with the powerchord, and install drink holders on the sides of the stick and you look ready to party.

one of the mods of this forum has to do it,

someone send it to tech plz ^___^

oh forgot to mention, nice wirework! better than me on a good day :smiley:

I got the barstools setup recently, can’t do much about the power chord, theres only one drink holder so far on the player 1 side. But other than that I’m ready to 2D party :party: Just as soon as I find some good competition, which will be never in my area.


Very cool!

Excellent job man…I want to do that myself…So how much does that all cost you? You mention Guncon, do you have a gun holster for them? What size tv is that?

Not too shabby. I’m a little weirded out by the placement of your bottom two buttons though:

Had you offset those two buttons slighly, then you could do a standard Neo-Geo layout, SF layout, and then for Neo Geo fighting games, I occasionally let my SF-isms get the best of me and do this:



Nice work overall though. You need a bezel! Happ has them for like $15.

Umm it really didn’t cost that much if you got the money and really wanted an arcade cabinet.
Wood - Around $200
Marquee Printed at Shop - $50 for two(just in case we screwed up)
Happ Controls - Around $100 - 150
Street Fighter Anniversary Controllers - $40 (got 2)
Misc. - Just some tools, wood screws, etc… you can find most of it lying around. Or local hardware store
TV - I had one lying around not being used
PS2 - $100
I’m probably missing something out of this but yea it was a lot cheaper than buying one online. The gun holsters is the next thing we are gonna work on. Right now they are just sitting on the bottom of the cabinet. I believe the tv size was around 27 I’m not sure on that right now cause I’m at college but I’ll check when I get back this weekend.

well that is true I should have offset them. But I really didn’t think about it cause I never played any Neo Geo games unfortunately. So while we were doing the control panel I said “lets just make those extra buttons on the bottom…” Oh well :xeye:

Get a bezel and cover up that T.V, looks ghetto. If I were you I would also plug up those 2 lower buttons.

Shipping is retarded but this is what you need.

Overall pretty nice though. :tup: