Custom Buttons


Hey, guys. I’m in the process of building a stick, and my client wants custom buttons (one color of plunger, a different color rim). Is there a cheaper way to do this than buying two sets of buttons? FA doesn’t stock custom buttons until September. :confused:


Not sure if anyone else is doing that (hopefully someone will come in with a “Go here!” answer), but my advice is to tell your client that he’s gonna have to eat the cost. Of course, then he gets to keep the “discards”, so he’ll have an extra set of buttons’ worth of parts in case anything needs replacing or he wants to change things up later.

Either that, or have alternating setups (color A rims around color B plungers on one row, then B rims around A plungers on the other), which can look surprisingly decent with the right art, and you don’t have to buy any extras.

Good luck!



I was just going to ask about this. Thanks for those links.