Custom buttons?

Anybody do these? …I really have nothing else to add. :lol:

this is a joke right?

If you want to mix match plungers that’s very easy: there’s two tabs opposite of each other you just push in and the plunger should just lift right and pop right back in. But adding graphics into the buttons I don’t know.

you can add artwork to PS-14-KN’s or GN/DN’s with a clear plunger

Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of…non-round buttons, or other stuff of that nature moreso than adding graphics. I guess I DID have something People here have reverse-engineered the shit out of various parts…seems kind of odd taht everybody uses stock buttons for the most part.

Sanwa make a bunch of shapes. Hearts, stars, squares. Usually light-up too. Only site I’ve seen them on is Gremlin, a UK supplier.

Stupid question but are the shaped ones as good as regular ones?