Custom cammy fight stick

Anyone know where I can get one?

Your best bet is to buy a HRAP or TE and just do the plexi and art mod through Arthong on these forums.

Now is that like printed off internt and pasted on there lol? Really nice pic tho

yea where can we find some nice cammy art? i have a hori 3. currently i have ryu, ken, and akuma on it but i need a change…

Custom Cammy art is pretty hard to come by… I’d check out places like They have some great stuff, and then they have some not so good stuff… It’s all Cammy related though :smiley:

Just want to show off my Cammy stick:

Happy face…

Nice one :slight_smile:
Im using a TE for moment.

If your looking for Cammy art you are going to have a hard time. If your going for a sexy cammy as their is only 1 peice of art that will work which I find very sad considering how old the character is and how many fans. The quicker way would be any other female SF character.

Is that the Madcatz TE stick? I just bought one myself and wanna add some Cammy art to it :slight_smile:

only 6 buttons :o shouldnt be 8?

Oh yeah it is only 6 buttons huh? I’m an idiot lol

why would I need 8 buttons? I have 3 punch buttons, and 3 kick buttons… I can’t really use the happy faces in the lobby anymore :-/


here’s my fight stick

Tragic the best way to mod a TE is to get Art’s Plexiglass, it looks great.

Cool…how much does it cost total?

haha love the avatar.

Total is around $30, you can print the art at kinkos for $2 bucks and the plexi is like $25.

light kick/punch
mid kick/punch
heavy kick/punch
heavy kick/punch for ultras/EX


I just press the buttons I need at the same time… :smiley:


My TE stick uses the art from the painting by Rodney Fuentebella that was featured at the Jab Strong Fierce art show at the Nucleus Gallery.

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I’m actually selling my HRAP3 it has custom cammy graphic done by Reali, and it has sanwa high grade buttons, I have old pics of the stick if you check my album in my profile, pm me for more details