Custom character icons for sigs or whatever

So, I’ve noticed some people like to list the games they play and their respective characters they use in their signatures. It just gave me the idea of creating icons so players can rep their characters in a more noticeable and consistent way that isn’t overdoing it, but would probably pop a lot more.

For example, if someone had a signature saying:
BlazBlue: Makoto

it would instead look like this

Anyway, these things are hand drawn, so they take some time to do. If you like the idea, please let me know, because I’m probably only going to continue making them if people actually like them, lol.

Anyway, here are the few that I’ve done so far.



Litchi didn’t come out so hot. I might mess around with her a bit more, but I’m proud of Noel and Makoto.

Like I said, I’ll move on to more characters from other games as well if you guys enjoy them. They’re fairly fun to do, but not worth doing if they’re not worth sharing so let me know :D!