Custom Character Neck Ties by Meko, as seen at EVO2k8

Meko will be taking orders for custom character ties starting in the next few weeks. Here are some examples of her work;

She can only do one of these at a time, and each one takes between 6 and 8 hours depending on the complexity of the image used. There will be a waiting list if multiple orders come in, first come-first serve. The going price is 80 dollars (this includes shipping, the tie itself, and the time it takes Meko to adjust the artwork you chose and draw it onto the tie.) The ties are from , and you can choose any color you want. Currently, designs are only available in black, so do not choose too dark a tie color. Try to choose a tie color that matches the predominant color that the character you want wears.

To begin placing your order, PM “animeko” with the color you have selected and the piece of artwork that you wish to put on the tie. Payment will be aranged then, via paypal or snailmail check or money order. Once payment is recieved, Meko will sillouette the artwork you’ve chosen and put it on the color you’ve chosen in a photoshop image so you can see an example of what it will look like when completed. When you confirm that it is good, an order for the tie will be placed with, and work will begin as soon at it arrives. These are polyester microfiber ties, and the image is done carefully by hand with fabric marker. Once completed, it will be shipped to you.

The 80 dollars covers the cost and shipping of the tie, other materials (fabric pens), shipping of the tie to you, and Meko’s time. If you have any questions, reply here to ask.

She should invest in a screen printer, the images will look cleaner (not to say these don’t look clean) and the tedious work of hand drawing these bad boys will disappear, on top of that you can get much more complex with the images and even add multiple colors. Also with the screen printer you could duplicate your designs very easily and after you fill a few orders you can cover the cost of all your materials and still make little extra on top as well as lower your price. I personally think $80 is steep but I understand because they are hand drawn, I would probably charge around that myself if I was hand drawing them too.

They look nice, I really enjoy the Ryu tie.

Where dat ufgt necktie!?! :slight_smile:

Hm. I would prolly sport that Cammy tie, if I dressed up more often.

Cool stuff.

Word? I might have to get a Dictator one.

Will she do one of me wearing a tie, and on that tie it’s me wearing a tie, and on that tie it’s me wearing a tie, and on that tie it’s me wearing a tie, and on that tie it’s me wearing a tie,and on that tie it’s me wearing a tie, and on that tie it’s me wearing a tie,and on that tie it’s me wearing a tie, and on that tie it’s me wearing a tie…

until we break reality and can travel time?

You know I’m a screen printer at the sign shop I work at. If it’s only black on whatever color then yea screen printing would be the way to go; especially since I can whip out probably 50 or so in an hour and you really wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Should really look into that, all you would need is to draw one on a sheet of paper or in any digital art program ie. cs2/corel and then get it ready for printing. This way the price could be something like 15-20? and you’d still make a good profit.

Mass production would be cool, but it also would mean your tie isnt a hand made one of a kind anymore, which is also not cool. Its up to meko in the end.

Very awesome.

That would be the only downside. On the other hand you can go on a case by case basis and charge something like 50 or so for the original ties. We charge about 25-30 per screen used which is why it’s better to do more.

Yessss finally. I’ll be PM’ing soon.

you can get a screen printed one for $30, before shipping.

wow, i just made one: