Custom Chun stick, Buttons, TE's, Sanwa Mod Wireless 360 stick Everything Must Go

Everything must go as i am moving so it is priced to sell if you are buying multiple items or need a discount on something make me an offer.
modded T6 Stick wireless for xbox 360 with full sanwa parts $90 shipped

Custom Chun Li PS2 stick with PS3 Pelican adapter $140 (needs a new plexi cut for it, lowes can do it otherwise it is perfect with really great wiring.

Hacked PS2 Dual Shock $20 shipped

Equalization Socket for Street Fighter Anniversary stick $10 shipped

Street fighter 4 wrist bands and Head Bands $25 shipped(only way to win was to place first in gamestop tournament at streetfighter 4 launch party

Areo FIghters and Samurai Shodown MVS cards $10 shipped

28 sanwa clone buttons and sanwa clone stick pulled from various sticks $27 shipped

Custom Vinyl Wood Arcade stick case with Hacked 360 pad $45 shipped

Used Semitsu Stick $10 shipped

Two Jamma Harnesses $25 shipped comes with free speaker

custom Happ arcade stick Plastic case with Happ Comp stick $35 shipped No PCB or Wires

Midway Mortal Kombat 1 and 3 arcade Manuals $35 shipped

DC Import Lightgun Dreamcast(best one availible) $40 shipped

Mortal Kombat 2 and NBA Jam Marquees $30 shipped Cracks can be seen in Pics

Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 NOS Control Panel Stickers $40 shipped(slight wear on the bottom

wow that’s a lot lol. GLWS , free bump for you sir.

Yea i am buying a new house so i am trying to get rid of a lot of things i am not using. if you see anything you want make me an offer.

listed these all on ebay but will give srk members a discount if they want to buy from here instead.

good luck with the sale Fildoh. You got some nice things listed.

sold the Used TE stick, ebay auctions end on sunday afternoon. i will cancel those early for SRK members

ebay auctions end in 10 hours actually. i will revise what is left after. if anyone wants to make an offer before hand i will cancel those

You still have that SE up for sale Fildoh?

nope it is sold i will update in a few minutes

lowered the prices and removed sold items.

I would like to express interest in the SF:TE R2 stick if you are in the U.S.
(Assuming that you have not sold it yet).

ok sold the SF TE R2 stick to Uncle Yams.

Sold the Dreamcast

Got the 360 Round 2 TE stick. Thanks man!

cant figure out how to edit this page with price drops under the new format. no big deal just letting everyone know i am willing to take a discount on everything listed, just make an offer.

PM sent on the balltop and battops

removed the items that were sold

any chance youd have more pics of the wooden case?

and would you part out the pcb possibly? thanks!

the case isnt wood it is custom vinyl that is used in making car interiors. i got it molded for this stick. and i wanted to sell the pcb with the stick but make me an offer.