Custom Cody Arcade Sticks/Artwork

Post your custom Cody arcade sticks and artwork. see who has the coolest :slight_smile:

actually, I have cody’s nightmare on mine:

and my second stick:

LOL nice one, Cody’s nightmare is cammy T_T

here is mine :

Uploaded with

Not really relevant to Cody, but…
I went another route altogether.

Here’s my Cody stick

Oh my god, that one is too sick!

That one is so gdlk, let me guess… u play bumblebee cody? :smiley:

Big Props. Did you design that?

Thanx guys, and yes i designed it. Bumble-Bee Cody FTW!

I like to pick that one sometimes as iirc he has grey hair heh

Yeah that bumble bee stick is awesome but Zukuu you should be ashamed of yourself tut tut.

also pad for lyfe or until i get round to buying a stick. lol

dat bumblebee oodster!

That stick has me sold. I’m switching to Bumble-Bee Cody from here on out.

Simple, but i think it’s going to look nice

looks really nice, needs some more stuff on it i think

Contrast is a bit low, but that’s my phones fault.