Custom colors glitch

When I unlocked all the custom colors for some characters they then disappeared. Anyone have this problem? It happened to me a few days ago and I cant find anyone else talking about it. I hope they fix it soon. Any info on this problem would be appreciated.

I found this on gamefaqs tonight. Looks like many are having the problem.

This glitch is really getting on my nerves. Ive lost around 30 matches of work now losing colors for multiple characters, its fucking stupid.

Yeah, it happened to me once as well. Haven’t lost a lot of progress, but it has happened.

It’s very strange how, for a while, it said I only used Clark 1 time, when I know for damn sure I used him more often than that in just random sets.

I’m assuming it’s something to do with online play count which is why I’m getting everyone to 40 uses offline.