Custom Control Panel for Neo Geo Big Red (PICS)


I received my new panel and wanted to share. I live in a small townhouse so i dont have the luxury to have a dedicated cab. I want to play different boards including tekken tag1, cps2, etc. That being said i would need a 6 button setup. So i sent my neo panel out to Angel Perez at AMP UP Customs. I asked him to make a Noir 6 button layout and be able to accept japanese sticks. Also wanted a different location for the 2p start button. This is what he gave me. It fit perfect on the cab. there arent gaps on the sides and I like the way it feels with the square edges over the rounded ones. He uses a universal type bracket for mounting the joystick. Basically his plate becomes the joysticks mounting plate so you will need to remove your original bracket and reuse the screws when using his bracket. My ls32 and ls40 installed no issues and were center with the hole. Joystick height was right at 24mm. Im very happy with what he gave me. He was really good with communication and kept me updated with pics when he had time. If you guys want a panel like this or for arcade sticks i def can vouch for his work.
I kinda like the metal look but its not gonna work. Havent decided if im going to powder coat it and add an overlay or just powdercoat it only.
As I said i have a LS40, LS32 in it and i have the seimitsu KN series buttons. Nut type since thats the way to go


Man looks good!


AMP Panel and Jasen’s MVS Cover. Good shit.


its actually the stock cover, i powdercoated it myself


normally I am not a purist… BUT I hung around the NG forums way too much as I now prefer to leave Neo Geo cabs looking as close to stock as possible


yeah the folks at NG are sure hardcore when it comes to keeping it close to orginal. I have to make this cab work for me though. Wish i had the room to put a Capcom Big Blue right next to this one