Custom controller/stick for Cod:MW and xbox FPS


So being that I have made custom sticks and layouts and joysticks etc, and that I am a pc gamer at heart when it comes to FPS’s… I am batting around the idea of making a custom Xbox360 controller that would mimic the KBM control setup as best as possible.

So, who wants to brainstorm with me. Key things i would be looking for would be correctly shaped and sized buttons for different things, mostly a larger wide button for jumping or what have you

also, the joystick part would be very dependent on what i sourced for it. It would need to be able to be mounted where i wanted it, but thats probably the easy part. Picking the right joystick would be important. if it was based on a xbl pcb that would just be even easier.

maybe something like this stripped out?



O_o? Wat.


Sick idea, sounds like one hell of a project, but if it works it would be GDLK.


the whole concept would be to free myself of being forced to aim with the right analog stick. I will probably still be limited to a joystick of some sort, but having the choice to control it with my whole hand instead of just the tip of my thumb, and then just relocate the buttons that i would use to the other side of the stick, ala keyboard style.

I don’t imagine i could play around much with the button config though, so whatever stick I got would basically have to already represent the Right thumb stick from a pcb standpoint

Follow up question for pad hackers and modders.

Is it possible to wire into the thumbpad sensors and replace them with the signals from another joystick?


Sure. But it’d be pointless to try it with a digital stick. You’d have a much better controller if you got an analog stick instead.


The madcatz retro arcade stick has a taller joystick that is connected to the left analog stick.

You may want to look into that as inspiration, because what you’re going to end up doing will be similar to that.


Check out Seimitsu’s LS-64. I have no idea how you’d wire it up but it’s probably your best option for an analogue arcade stick.

edit: or sanwa’s JLK. Which also happens to have 2 buttons!


If it were me putting this thing together, I would try to use 24mm buttons to ensure that my left hand could comfortably reach everything, since there’s going to be more than 8 buttons on that side. Also, I’d want to be able to use this with nearly every FPS, so I’d be concerned about having a second joystick or set of buttons to map out the d-pad, since some games require the use of the d-pad for extra options.

The Sanwa JLK looks like the best option for the right hand, though for the sake of this mod I wish they had a version with at least four buttons. You could probably drill out some holes and add extra buttons, but that requires some extra expertise and bravery. Other than that, good luck figuring out how to connect it to a 360 PCB.


It’s not possible to hack it so that you could actually use a mouse, is it?
My problem with console FPSs is more about the sticks than the buttons, and I don’t think a stick like that would be any better.


Yes it is, there’s a couple of adapters that work, though its far from perfect.


this is the main problem with console FPS, that they don’t have proper mouse+keyboard controls.

I can’t imagine playing an FPS without a mouse+keyboard.


you may want to consider a trackball.


Btw, why bother even using sanwa pushbuttons. Just mod it with the keyboard keys inset into the case.


I don’t understand at all how you’re aiming with this.


I think that’s a lot more work than it’s worth, considering all the extra measurements and hacking involved. With pushbuttons, all you need to do is drill a hole. Plus, if you’ve noticed from the mockup, half of the point of this mod is being able to design a custom button layout that is more comfortable than a standard WASD on the keyboard. PC games aren’t built for keyboard and mouse because it’s the most comfortable solution, they’re built for keyboard and mouse because everyone already has a set that comes with the PC. There are plenty of better ways to control a FPS, and that’s what IceWilly is trying to design.


Even if you pull this off, it’s probably just best to play it on the computer. I don’t know how well this is going to perform, but I’m going to assume that it won’t well.


Round buttons are indeed easier.

Sanwa and Seimitsu do have square buttons, they are in standardized sizes.
Like for Mah Jong controllers.

Sanwa OBSF-24KK:


Theres an arcade FPS game called half life 2: Survivor, they allready did some weird controls.

in this video you can seee the controls: [media=youtube]vbF0ooRJWkI[/media]

they also be using pedals, i guess to go foward or backward. The gun stick has also rotary inputs like the oldschool SNK games like ikari warriors.

I also saw a candy cab for the game, looks more like a normal joystick interface.

HAcking a keyboard is a great idea for the controls, you could also use a i-pac if youre too lazy to solder and hack a keyboard interface. The virtua-on stick is way too expensive to hack and those sticks can be bought witchout the case at arcade part shops.

Good luck on your build.


Thats a crazy and cool idea!, i had something similar in mind but aiming for the Armored Core series.


You could try Cherry switches for buttons, although those square Sanwas do look nice.