Custom Controller

You know, it seems to me that there might be a demand for controllers that are already ‘modified’ so that all you had to do was plug them into the buttons.

It would definitely solve the ‘what do I do with the triggers’ problems that people, including me, are having.

Anyone interested in creating a supply?

Send me an email.


There are several people around that pre-mod controllers and for non-xbox 360 setups there is the Cuthulu PCB.

there are already 80000000000000000 threads on ready made pcb and premod controllers… why another thread without searching for those?


Actually, even with the search function, and the search terms I used, I was only able to find one thread, not the number you said there would be. But thanks for letting me know.


What kind of wired controller are you looking for?

xbox 360…

first link

first link