Custom Enclosure for Reproduction SEGA Lindbergh / SEGA Astro Arcade Panel


Hey fellas.

Just wondering if I could have some advice / suggestions on getting a custom enclosure made for a @Jasen Hicks custom panel. I wanted to get a hold of HSS-0130 and gut it but finding one for a reasonable price has proved to be very difficult. So I’m looking at my options here. Anything to help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



As a point of reference this is what @FreedomGundam came up with in Sketchup. Shout outs to him for sure.


I think he’s already working on a solution…but, if it’s of any interest, I have a Euro Lindbergh bezel that I’d be willing to let him borrow. Maybe he could use that as a basis?!?


That would be awesome. Keep me in the loop. Thanks! @NotANoob81